Pimento Cheese and Poached Eggs “Benedict”

Today is my husband’s 26th birthday!  He just left for work but that didn’t stop me from making him a wonderful breakfast at the crack of dawn.    This recipe is by far my favorite weekend breakfast to whip up when I’m feeling fancy.   I proudly admit, I came up with this breakfast recipe on my own. And it is to die for.  
Pimento Cheese and Poached Eggs “Benedict”
            • Toast or English Muffin
            • Pimento Cheese Spread 
            • Applewood Smoked Bacon
            • Eggs

Super easy.  All you do is toast whatever bread you like, I usually use whatever sandwich bread that I have on hand.   Today its multigrain wheat.  Then spread on the pimento cheese.  We LOVE the Palmetto pimento cheese with jalapeƱos.  Thought you could only buy it in the Southeast, but luckily we found some in Houston. 
Next, fry the bacon, obviously. Then comes the hard part. Poaching the egg.  I’ve usually had great success with this but lately not so much.  Luckily the one in the picture above came out perfectly.   I use this egg poacher cup from Williams-Sonoma. (Only $6.95!)  
Bring a small pot of water to boiling then drop the egg into the little cup.  It takes about 3 minutes for it to cook.  But you have to keep an eye on it, the pot wants to boil over the whole time, so thats frustrating.   
To finish, pile everything on your piece of toast and add a dash of pepper. Voila, a delicious & unique take on your typical Eggs Benedict.