Polar Vortex

I’m currently in Indiana shooting a TV show for the company that I used to work for in Knoxville.   I always love traveling to new and different places so I was pretty excited to experience some winter weather in Indianapolis this week.   However, I was not expecting record lows and a polar vortex coming through.  
A polar vortex is this: “a swirling pool of extremely cold air located tens of thousands of feet in the atmosphere.”  

Fun stuff.  

Actually, I am having a lot of fun on this shoot.   I’ve never seen more than about 2 inches of snow in real life.  Looking down at my feet while I’m standing in snow up to my knees has been quite the experience.  
So….. how this new Texas girl is surviving the frigid temps. 
These shoes. 
I bought a pair of duck boots about two years ago on a whim.  Honestly, not for their practicality but because I thought they looked cute.   Which is funny, because they are kind of odd looking. Whatever floats your boat!  These shoes are AH-MAZING for this weather.  My feet haven’t gotten cold once in the  negative 15 degrees below AND snow hasn’t seeped in at all. 
Along with two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, a vest, a jacket, a coat, a scarf, a hat, and gloves, I’m all set. 
Did I mention it will be 70 degrees when I lend back in Houston on Friday? 🙂 
photos cred from me and found on pinterest.