Weekend in New Orleans: Part 2 & Zara Sale Alert

Seriously.  Can I just go back again this weekend? Please?  
Its freezing cold down here in Houston. For Real. Freezing.  I am pretty sure half of the city is shut down.    I thought Memphians went a little crazy when it snows or ices…but I have obviously never lived in Texas.  Lets just say that the news this morning was highly entertaining.  
Anyways off subject.   Here is the another post about our lovely trip to the Big Easy. 
After a good rest post brunch, we ventured out into a fun and festive night in the French Quarter. 

The evening included dinner at Desire Oyster Bar on Bourbon Street.   Which is where I discovered that Oyster’s Desire (not pictured) was basically the best thing I had ever eaten in the world.  Mallory, who has become a native in her year in Nola, ordered them.  She kindly shared, and my world was changed.  I promise to get a picture next time!  In a nut shell, I’d describe them as oysters covered in cheese and garlic. Hello, SOLD 
Meanwhile, here are a dozen yummy oysters we feasted on. 
After our oyster tasting, we explored the French Quarter. 
Of course that meant running in and out of places that offered *free* praline samples. 

It was getting late, and knowing that we had a big night ahead of us, it was time for a coffee break.  Community Coffee is everywhere down there!  (Once back in Houston, we decided we’d try brewing it ourselves back home.  It tastes that good.  Sorry Dunkin Donuts coffee….we’re taking a little break for now.)
We probably spent an hour in this art gallery.   

Then we stumbled upon an open air art gallery down on Frenchman Street.  

 Which featured some very unique things…..
Frenchman Street is known for it’s local music.  I could have danced to these guys all night long.

And quite frankly (so I’ve learned)  a trip to New Orleans is not complete without a stop at the Carousel Bar in Hotel Monteleone. 

Cheers to a wonderful Saturday in New Orleans! 
Also …. before I forget, if you live close to a Zara … do not walk but RUN! They are having a MAJOR sale right now.  I purchased the black poncho sweater that I’m wearing for only $15! 
If you don’t live near one…not to worry.  Thank goodness Zara has recently decided to offer online purchases and their sale is online as well.   Find some fabulous steals for under $20 here.
Like this Low Back Angora Sweater: $19.99