A Day At The Brewery

What a busy, fun, and jam packed weekend that we are getting over.   My husband’s good friend came in town to visit us and being new to Houston ourselves,  showing him around was kind of like “showing us around” too.   We spent Saturday trying delicious craft beers at St. Arnold Brewery.  

If you are ever in Houston, and would like this sort of thing, you can’t miss St. Arnold’s!  It is the deal of a lifetime.  For $8 you get a souvenir tasting glass to try four beers of your choice.  The small entrance fee also includes a half hour tour of the facility and as much time as you’d care to spend in their “great hall.”

 We were lucky enough to have our tour led by the actual founder of this fine establishment and creator of delicious beers.   It was really interesting to hear how he started brewing beers in his dorm room and today they are sold in bars and grocery stores all over Texas. 

My favorite beer was the Weedwacker.  🙂

To make a day at St. Arnold’s complete, one must bring a lot a lot of cheese!

Also, board games seemed to be a popular thing to do while you’re tasting.  Jenna brought this fun little game, that I couldn’t even tell you what it was called, but it entertained us for quite some time.

We’ve been living in Houston just a little over two months now and we are having so much fun exploring the city and trying new things every weekend.   Once I get my Houston “bucket list” complete, I will definitely share it with you all.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!