DownHouse Brunch & Texas Junk

This past week we had friends in town and I kid you not….. all we did was EAT!  In a total of 36 hours, we probably went to six different restaurants.  That’s what you’re supposed to do when you come to Houston … or so we think. Either way, sounds good to us!  
Downhouse Houston Heights
Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed to Down House in the Houston Heights.   When Patrick and I were visiting H-Town and trying to find a neighborhood to live in, we literally stumbled upon this restaurant.  We loved this place and the area so much we decided that we had to live in the Heights.  Plus, I’ve never had a meal so good!   And the atmosphere here is nice and unique.  I would describe it as hipster meets antique meets……. book nerd? Your checks come in a vintage novel. Its great.   

It felt so good to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather.   I’ve become a fan of Februarys in Texas.

No brunch is complete without cocktails, right?  Please check out this Bloody Mary.  Patrick ordered this one.  I don’t even like them usually but I had to try a few sips of this!  Can you believe it including bits of cheese and a hot wing?  More of them should. His already extravagant drink was accompanied by a side of beer?! Strange but I think
 he’s okay with that.
The Scotch Breakfast Sandwich is a must.   Fried sausage, sunny side up egg, heirloom tomato and garlic aioli sauce…..YUM. 
Downhouse Brunch Houston Heights Bloody Mary
Tacos for breakfast are always a good option. 
Oh, Down House ….. you are too good to me.  
After the brunch to end all brunches, the four of us headed out and about, exploring  several antique, retro clothing, and unique junk shops.  19th Street in the Heights is riddled with these types of places as well as clothing boutiques and restaurants.  Highly recommend checking it out if you are new to or visiting Houston!  
We then ventured out of our little corner of town to check out Texas Junk Co. 
I read about Texas Junk Co. in some tourist guidebook or something like that.   Its basically a junk shop in the middle of a random neighborhood only a couple of miles from downtown Houston.   This place had hundreds upon hundreds of pairs of used cowboy boots that were selling for pretty decent prices.  Sadly on our visit, I couldn’t find a pair that I liked enough in my size.  They change their inventory daily.  Looks like I’ll definitely have to return!
BTW I’m obsessed with my Paix Tunic top from Anthro!

Sorry I’ve been away from the blogging world for a wee bit lately! Hoping to share much more soon with you guys.