Potted Plants for a Steal & a Mirror Makeover

I just bought both these garden pots from Anthropologie this weekend.  The large one is $18 and the small one is $14.   Honestly, in person, these garden pots look like they would be worth triple the price.   I highly recommend them!

One of our new favorite things to do is go to Home Depot on the weekends.  When did we become these people? Its so much fun though!  We went today and bought some plants to fill these beauties.   I also picked up more paint to redo an antique mirror in our bedroom that will (somewhat) match these pots. Oh and, I purchased a $4 terra-cotta pot that will hold that tall Jurassic Park looking plant.  Maybe it’ll go in the living room? Not sure yet, but I do love crafting on the weekends!
To see how I made the chalk paint, visit this post.
 Currently our bedroom is all white. White walls / white bedding / white furniture. I can’t handle it.   We are just renting for now, so we don’t want to paint the walls.  Its been interesting trying to come up with ways to make the house our own without doing serious changes that we wish we could if we owned it the home.

I think the mirror and the planter turned out great! Although the color was much brighter than I was expecting, I still really like it.   I chose Behr’s “Botanical Tint.” 
The plants look ahhh-mazing in these pots!  My handy man husband drilled holes into the bottom of the pots so that the water would drain.  (I’m going to buy a little plastic tray to set them on and catch the water)  Never even thought that we needed to do that, though! Apparently he’s killed a plant or two before.  Hopefully these will stay alive for a while. 😉

The next project on my list is to tackle the massive and dated dresser in our master bedroom.  
I grabbed some paint swatches for the dresser and I’m thinking grey with white handles like this one that I found on pinterest will look best. 
For now, I’m just waiting on the rainy weather to let up and I’ll get this thing painted!
Hope everyone is having a fun and productive Monday! 

  • That aqua color is so pretty! I'm waiting for the weather to get better so my mom can paint my dresser that color 😛 I'd do it myself but I want it to look nice! And I also took the aqua dresser inspiration from pinterest. That is just like the best site ever.

    • Thanks Nini! The aqua is so pretty in person, your new dresser will look amazing! And I do love pinterest too. It has practically changed my life! 🙂