Houston Rodeo

The Houston Rodeo.  Where do I even begin?  Last weekend was the end of the month long Rodeo here in Houston.   The Rodeo is a serious way of life for the people involved.   There is an entire livestock center where all of the animals are kept.   Surrounding the animal stalls are aisles upon aisles of shops where you can buy any Western themed item that you could have ever imagined.  I certainly have never seen anything like this before and was definitely on the edge of my seat watching all of the events!    
We were able to get up close and personal with the animals.  🙂

After all of the walking, Patrick and I stopped for a bit and got ourselves a “Texas Pedicure,” ….. we’re definitely going native now.

Once we had our fill of the livestock show and had enough browsing of all the shops, we headed to the stadium for the Rodeo.  
So glad my family (sadly minus my older bro) was able to come into town!
In addition to the normal rodeo events (like barrel racing & bull riding) there were also a bunch of surprises in store, for a first timer like me.  Horse racing for one?  It almost felt like I was watching the chariot race in the movie Ben Hurr!  Very intense.  
And the other big surprise: Mutton Bustin! Basically this is like bull riding, but for five year olds.   These little kids climb on up a rather large sheep, hold on tight, and see how long they can stay on.  In the end, usually two or three out of twenty kids stayed on longer than three seconds tops.  Check out the video below. 🙂 

To top off the evening, we stayed in our seats while we watched the arena transform itself into a concert venue, hosting (one of my favorites) Hunter Hayes. 

The city of Houston truly transformed itself during the month of Rodeo.  Cowboy boots and hats became a common sight to see.    If your planning a trip to Houston, make sure to visit in March, you don’t want to miss the Rodeo! 
TN people, I’m taking reservations for next year. 🙂