Irish Wanderlust

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  
This is a special holiday in my family, because my mom’s side is 100% Irish.  When I was a little girl, my mom once told me that my Grandpa was a leprechaun.  You bet I believed her!  
A few years ago, I studied abroad in Wales and my mom hopped across the pond to visit me.  We squeezed in a few wonderful days in Dublin and the Irish countryside.  This short trip was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to go back to Ireland again someday.  Thought I’d share some pictures of our little trip on this special day. 
During our quickie visit to Dubiln,  we made time to visit the Guinness Factory.  After a long tour of the factory and visit to the museum, we climbed our way to the sky lounge where we had a Guinness (or two) whilst overlooking the city of Dublin. 
 We felt a bit of luck o the Irish that day.  There happened to be a rainbow over Dubin, like it was just for us.
To finish off our day in Dublin, we had dinner and drinks at Oliver St. John Gogarty’s Pub.  My mom and I split an Irish cheese & meat board.  This could possibly be one of my favorite meals.   To top it off, a little due of Irish folk singers entertained us all evening long. 
Day 2 of our weekend in Ireland consisted of a guided tour of the County Wicklow, the Irish countryside that borders Dublin.  We hiked through a little Monastic village, saw the Guinness Estate, and even got to see the bridge where that pivotal scene from the film P.S. I Love You takes place.  Our tour guide sang songs for us as well as took us to this fabulous little place for lunch.  My mom and I split a shepherd’s pie and our trip was complete. 
I hope you guys enjoyed my little blast from the past! Reminiscing over these pictures has me itching to go back to Ireland.   Wanderlust really is a disease and I am unfortunately infected.  😉