Bike Rides & Libraries

I mentioned that my husband and I bought ourselves some new bicycles a few weeks ago.  Well, we’ve become pretty obsessed with them.  The two of us have been out and about exploring the neighborhood almost every day lately.  It certainly has filled our weekends with some much needed adventure.

Linus Scout Bike, Nantucket Bike Basket, Anthropologie, Ruffled Swing Henley, Trendy in Texas

This is my new bad boy, he’s a Linus Scout bike.  I love that this bike looks very vintage but also has the modern gears and breaks that make me feel safe while riding the streets of Houston. 
My bike basket is one of those that all have that vintage-y look I was going for.  They make a bunch of different styles and are actually pretty sturdy, though this is something I have yet to truly test. 
Linus Scout Bike, Nantucket Bike Basket, Anthropologie, Ruffled Swing Henley, Trendy in Texas

Before I get to far along, let me recommend this utterly amazing top that I recently purchased from Anthro.  I’m forcing myself to buy more sleeveless and lightweight clothing with the anticipation of the dreaded Houston summer.  This top certainly fits in that category.  I love the way that it is cut in the front, which makes it very flattering on a lot of different body types.  The mini capped sleeves are also a fun touch.   
**on sale!**
Okay….back to the biking adventure.   There are so many places to stop & eat & things to do in see that its hard to decide which way we’re going to go when the two of us set out.  On this particular day we biked to Chilosos Taco House.   This place is only open for breakfast and lunch. It’s ranked pretty high up there for best breakfast tacos in town.  I only recently learned you could add guacamole to your tacos!  How I have gone so long without that addition…I do not know. 
Chilosos Houston Breakfast Tacos
After filling up on tacos the two of us headed out for the rest of our little morning adventure.   We never really have a set plan of where we’re going so its usually like “hey lets go down that street,” … or “those houses look interesting, let’s turn this way.”  On one of the particularly random streets we came across what looked like a mailbox full of books.   
Little Free Library Trendy in Texas
Little Free Library Trendy in Texas
Naturally, I was intrigued.   We stopped and discovered the phenomenon known as the Little Free Library.  Apparently people set these up all across the country with the premise that in order for you to take a book, you must leave a book.   Unfortunately I wasn’t carrying a novel with me that day, so I plan on returning  soon to check out a book from this quirky little (and free) library.  
We spent the rest of that morning riding up and down the streets of H-town.  I hope this posts inspires you to get out and explore your neighborhood, you never know what little surprises (or libraries) are in store!