Summer 2014 Bucket List

Summertime is just around the corner and boy do we have a BIG summer ahead of us this year.  Celebrating friends with weddings all across the country, a beach trip, a bachelorette party in Vegas, and then some short trips exploring our new home state are all on our agenda this year.
To make the most out of each weekend away I’m coming up with a Summer 2014 bucket list of things to do, food to eat, and unique places to visit during our first full summer as a husband and wife.  We will just have to wait and see what gets checked off this lengthy list! 
  1. Float the Guadalupe River. 
  2. Eat a Chicago dog ….. in Chicago. 
  3. Attend a Food Truck Festival 
  4. Spend a day on the beach in Galveston.  
  5. Meet my cousin’s new little one 
  6. Visit Patrick’s childhood summer camp
  7. Pool day at Hotel Zaza
  8. Ride bikes through Seaside, FL
  9. Refinish my Grandmother’s antique desk 
  10. Gamble (just a little bit) in Vegas 
  11. Wander through Market Square in Knoxville, TN
  12. Sea Kayak? Maybe? 
  13. Camping near the swamps at Brazos Bend Park
  14. Snack on peanuts at an Astros Game 
  15. Drinks at the top of the John Hancock Building 
  16. Attempt to start house hunting..may put this off until next summer!
  17. Brunch at Puckett’s Restaurant in Franklin, TN
  18. Relax in the historic hot springs of Virginia 
  19. Sip on the lemoncello that we saved from our honeymoon
  20. Witness four (or more) lovely couples say “I do”
Even though I don’t have the time off that comes with summer vacations growing up & in college, I’m still planning on making the most of the weekends and the time that I do have off.  It’s definitely going to be a challenge to fit as much as we can in. 
But after all, 

  • Hi Alice!

    Definitely go tubing down the Guadalupe River. I did that about 10 years ago and had a blast. It was so fun and so relaxing as well. Just be sure to put on bug repellent. I got bit by no-see-ums. I was the only one out of my group though who got bit. LOL Btw, I loved how you styled your dress that was on Roxy's blog yesterday!


    • Hi Cynthia!

      Thanks for the tip on the bug repellent, I definitely wouldn't have thought of that beforehand! We are really excited about our little mini trip on the river! And isn't that dress so cute? It has become one of my favorites this spring! 🙂