Our Saturday

I’m having a case of the Mondays.   But that’s expected after such a great weekend staying in town and spending some quality time with the husband.  Only 5 more days until we’re off again! 
Here is a glimpse into a bit of our weekend….
Houston Trendy in Texas Buffalo Bayou Park Linus Bike
Saturday we biked all the way from our house to basically the center of Houston for the annual Art Car Parade.  We heard that if you live here, you MUST check this parade out.  And it didn’t disappoint! Lots and lots of quirky people and their interesting takes on “art” cars. 
It was literally like a maze, trying to navigate our way from our house to the parade on various bike trails and side streets.   We were so happy to have actually made it, that a picture was definitely in order.   
Now on to the cars:
Houston Art Car Parade 2014

 See that guy inside that mouth?  He was belting out some amazing opera for the audience.  Had to have been my favorite part of the parade.

Houston Art Car Parade 2014
Houston Art Car Parade 2014
The parade had over 250 cars in procession, all very unique from one another.  But I will say, a common theme I saw was that a bunch of people just glued random toys all over their cars.  I saw many covered in action figures, kids meal toys, you name it, it was on their cars.   Wish I nabbed some pictures of those.  I’ll just have to remember for next year. 
Later that day we headed up to The Woodlands to see Lady Antebellum.   This Tennessee girl loves her country music, so I am so thankful that Whitney at observant turtle blog shared her tickets with us! We had such a great time! 🙂 

Oh & here’s a sneak at what I wore to the show.  I’m way too obsessed with these heels and I probably should start rotating them with some other shoes in my closet that don’t get as much love.  
Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Ruffle Tier Cami Blog
But this white crop top! You can’t really see how all sorts of amazing it is in my picture.  But trust me, it is.  My top’s from Urban Outfitters and I really haven’t shopped at therein a while … I need to start checking them out every so often.  They had tons of great summer stuff in the store, perfect for the looming hot temps of Houston. 
Sunday morning was spent finishing a good book and later that day I caught up on all of my TV shows.  I’m a really big fan of my DVR at the moment.   🙂 
I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend as well! 

  • It was so good to meet you on Saturday and you are so welcome!! That white top looked great on you!

    • Thank you Whitney! Can't wait for the next blogger social event! I'm so excited to get together with everyone. 🙂