Sipping and Shopping in Seaside

I am significantly much tanner than I was one week ago.

I have sat motionless (while reading an entire novel lazily in the sand) and eaten far far far too much unhealthy (BUT delicious) food.

Vacation, you are too good to me!

While sitting and wasting the days away on the beach, listening to the waves and being surrounded by great people, was definitely the highlight of the trip, one of my favorite parts happened to be the little excursions that we would make into town during the afternoons and evenings.

We stayed on Seagrove Beach which is right in between the picturesque vacation towns of Seaside and Rosemary Beach.

One of the first couple of days into our trip, we ventured into Seaside for an afternoon of cocktails and open air shopping.

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Patrick and I, along with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her college buddy, stopped for drinks and fresh Oysters at the Great Southern Cafe right smack dab in the middle of town.

I’ve stopped in this cute little restaurant for a drink or two before.  We pop in almost every time we’ve come down here.  There is just something about sitting on that big white porch and people watching the happy vacationers that I get a kick out of.

Seaside Florida The Great Southern, The Great Southern Seaside, The Great Southern, Oysters & Mojitos

We shared a couple dozen oysters and snacked on calamari all the while sipping on our happy hour cocktails.  
I’ve always stuck to the mojitos whenever we visit this cafe.  I can’t stand an overly sweet one, just the right amount sugar, ya know? The Great Southern always makes them just riiiight.  Plus, you can add strawberries, or almost any other type of fruit that you’re in the mood for. 
If you find yourself in Seaside, these guys have a great happy hour!  $8 Oysters and a couple bucks off of your speciality drinks, which is always nice when you’re in a super touristy area. 

Cheers to vacation! 

Strawberry Mojito, The Great Southern Strawberry Mojito
After we had our fill, we strolled through Seaside and waltzed in and out of the boutiques and past the art galleries. 

I was enthralled by these paintings!! I could have just stood there all day and stared at the way that the chunky paint is piled on.   
Could you imagine hanging one these in the living room of your beach house?  
I think my absolute favorite part of our visits to Seaside is shopping the beachy wares of Perspicaty’s open air market.  
It almost feels idyllic in a way.   Well, Seaside in itself does.  Everything is so stinking cute and perfect! Perhaps that is why they chose to film the movie The Truman Show here.   Great film if you haven’t seen it! 
We walked in and out of the little cabanas, admiring the straw hats, linen cover ups, woven baskets, and numerous displays of exotic jewelry.
Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside
Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside

Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside
Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside

Seaside Florida Perspicaty,  Perspicaty,  Perspicaty Seaside
Cloth and Stone Dress, Chambray Maxi Dress, Chambray Maxi Dress Anthropologie, Anthropologie Cloth and Stone

Of course I couldn’t leave without a small souvenir for myself!  This straw basket was only $28! 
Before we left for the beach, I picked up a few comfy casual clothes to bring on the trip.  I wore my Cloth & Stone Chambray Maxi dress almost a little too much!  This dress easily went from beach cover up, to casual wear, to dressed up for a night out many a time throughout our vacation.   
Cloth & Stone makes the most lightweight dresses and tops that are effortless to throw on and pair with whatever else you may have in your closet.    Plus, the material is perfect for the beach and especially great for super hot Houston summers.  

We stayed right on the water, so most of our trip we barely left the house and would come in from a long days in the sun to relaxing dinners.  The rest of the evenings were usually spent on the couch watching movies or playing one of the many board games that were provided to the condo’s guests. 

I can’t believe our trip is already over!  But I’ve got a couple more posts for ya from it that I’ll be sharing soon!  

It’s definitely great to be home and back in the swing of things but I sure do wish I was talking a walk down this sandy path for just one more day in the sand.
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Thanks for reading!