A Smashin’ Fashion Show

I had the lovely opportunity to attend Houston’s first ever Smashin’ Fashion show last week.

This wasn’t your typical fashion show.  First of all, it was a stylist competition where real women walked the runway.   Houston style expert Sarah Shah, author of Dress Yourself Skinny organized the event and found 10 incredible stylists to compete with one another in a number of different categories.

It was fun to see stylists’ creations on the runway as opposed to a fashion designer’s.  We were presented with pieces from many different designers, styled on real women that the audience could actually relate to. 

I may have geeked out a little bit about seeing my blog all official like that on my media pass.  This hobby blog of mine sure is funnnn.
I arrived early and was able to scope out the stage and pop in and out of where the models and stylists were getting ready.  The models seemed a bit nervous but most of all were very excited.   
These real-world models all actually received “model training” before the event, where they learned to walk the runway and pose like professionals, kind of like their own mini America’s Next Top Model boot camp.
The stylists were given a few different themes to get creative with, my favorites being Folklore & Rocker-Chic. 
Here’s a bit of the show, with the stylists themselves mixed in for good measure. 😉

The stylists ranged from a 13 year-old year old fashion blogger, a number of professional local stylists, to Houston’s Tissue sisters. (I’ve got a really good post for ya coming up soon talking all about these sisters and their online boutique: KISSUE!)

Not sure how the judges picked a winner from the group, but they did.  Thomasina Burns from Styles for Life was crowned the Best Stylist, and took home a hefty chunk a change $$$.

I had a great time getting dressed up, attending the event, and meeting a bunch of wonderful ladies.

One of my favorite things about living in Houston is all of the opportunity and different events that go on here everyday  There is something for everyone and I absolutely love it.  From living in a town in TN with roughly 180,000 people, this is a nice change. 

It’s ALMOST the weekend.  Patrick and I plan on staying in, catching up on house work (I may DIY a mirror…we’ll see….) and cooking up a storm. We just saw The Hundred-Foot Journey and I am dying to whip up a really difficult meal in the kitchen because of this.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • This looks like such a fun event.

  • Wow this looked like so much fun!! Love reading your blog 🙂
    Xo, Amanda

  • Alice, Thank you so much for coming out to Smashin' Fashion! You ARE official media…and I love reading you blog! Can't wait to get to know you via Houston Fashion Bloggers. So glad you are enjoying Houston! xxoo, Sarah