Fall Sneak Peek … in July.

Taking a break from my beach trip posts because……is this really happening? Catalogs and magazines are already showing up at my door talking all about fall clothes!

It’s still the last day of July, and so incredibly hot here that I can’t imagine the idea of “fall transitional pieces” anytime soon.

It’s kind of like the adult equivalent of a being a kid and seeing back-to-school supplies at the front of Target while you’re in the middle of your summer break.

But, I will say, it does provide for some pretty eye candy.   And I can day dream about cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes and and apple pie scented candles right?

For now, here’s a bit of this and that that has definitely got me itching for cooler temps.

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  • Love the boots on the first pic!

    • I know, aren't they stunning? They are definitely on my fall wish list!