Daydreaming of my Dream Room

It’s no secret, I love all things Anthropologie.  Sorry, just can’t get enough!  As much as I adore their clothing, I have an equal obsession with their home decor line.

So, when their hefty home catalog arrived on my doorstep the other day, I was in home decor heaven.

After perusing through the pretty pictures a time or two, and dog earring my favorites, I decided to play a little game of …. pretending to be an interior designer / wishful thinking that I could snap my fingers and this all could be mine. 😉

Silly game…. I know.  But if I won the lottery and was going to start a-fresh and redecorate my living room tomorrow, here is what (in my dreams) it would look like.:

As much fun as it would be to be able design a space all it once…. it’s also nice to build a room piece by piece. Then each piece of furniture or knick-knack has its own special meaning of where it came from and when & why you bought it. 
Patrick and I are just renting our little yellow house right now, so I’m afraid to invest in any major pieces at the moment, when I know our permanent home is not too far off in the future.  But you better believe I’ve been planning on how I’m going to decorate that future home of ours for quite a few years now. 😉
At the moment,  I’ll just have to pass my time by swooning over the oh-so-pretty home inspiration below. 

What are your favorite pieces from Anthropologie’s newly expanded home line?  And do you also have big dreams of redecorating certain spaces in your home?  If so, I’d love to hear!
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