What Do Ice Cream, Bikes, Houses & a Giveaway Have in Common? This Post!

To get the weekend started off right, I’m sharing a fun laid back style post and a giveaway to Billie + Betty on this beautiful Friday.

My cute Ice Cream Tank is from Billie + Betty, but more on that in a bit!

The other
day, Patrick and I hit the streets of our neighborhood for an evening
bike ride. It’s probably our favorite thing to do after work, and it gets us off of the couch and away from the TV, which is always a bonus!
Patrick is the more serious biker of the two of us, I tend to get
really distracted by all of the cute & unique houses on each and every corner and
before I know it, he is 50 yards ahead of me.  

But before he wandered too far away from me on this particular evening, I managed to convince him to stop in the middle of the bike trail so we could snap some pictures of these oh-so-pretty orange flowers. 

And snag a couple of photos of my trusty bike and comfy outfit, for good measure. 😉

Btw I had to share – this green Anorak is on mega sale at the moment at Anthro!

Lately I’ve been adding more and more comfy and cozy casual pieces to my wardrobe, which is something I didn’t do too much of before. (I was crazy apparently?)
When I get home from work, I like to throw on a tank, jeans or leggings, and just unwind, and this Ice Cream screen printed tank from Billie + Betty is just the ticket! It’s so lightweight & easy to layer under a jacket for when the temps decide to dip a bit more than usual.   
Billie + Betty has plenty of other fun tanks, tops, jewelry & accessories at the moment so I’m thrilled that they are giving away a $25 Gift Card to one of my readers.  Just enter the giveaway below, and I’ll be choosing the lucky winner on Monday, Oct. 12!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anywho, the rest of our bike ride (since I had my camera with me) was spent with me stopping on pretty much every single block to snap pictures of the gorgeous houses of the Houston Heights.
It took us quite longer to get home than our usual bike trips do. 🙂

This white house is my favorite in all of Houston.  It kind of reminds me of the one from Practical Magic. And I am totally convinced it’s haunted, too.

And last but not least, our little yellow bungalow awaited us at the end of our evening biking adventure.  
Side note: since I’ve never really had a front porch to spruce up before, does anybody have any good fall decor tips? My lone pumpkin is looking a little …. lonely.
In other news, this weekend Patrick and I are headed to L’Auberge Lake Charles Casino! We aren’t the gambling type but we figure why not pretend we’re in Vegas for the weekend and have ourselves some fun?  We’re going with another couple and I’m so excited to check out their pool & lazy river! There are some benefits of Texas fall weather after all.
We are definitely due for some good luck right about now too, so it’s perfect timing to hit up a casino, right?  Just last night (when the weather was absolutely beautiful out I might add) a tree decided it wanted to snap in half and crush my car.  Fabulous. But worse things can certainly happen and I’m glad we’re okay. The car, on the other hand, is another story….
Thank you all for reading this lengthy post and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 
alice // trendy in texas

  • I like to watch TV or read in my spare time 🙂

  • I love going online shopping on my spare time.(: My email is perezashley60@hotmail.com . i would love to win. Thank you for hosting!

  • The shirt, bike, and houses are just about 17 kinds of fantastic. It looks like you had a fabulous outing!

  • i like to read and catch up on the DVR in my spare time!


  • The houses are so beautiful and have so much character. Your bungalow is GORGEOUS! Oh and the flowers too are pretty…Have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

  • Oh no your poor car!! Hopefully you can get it fixed soon! Nick and I totally fell in love with riding bikes while in California and we totally want to buy some. We were also looking for a house in the Heights this afternoon…. no luck 🙁 I want to see you soon!

  • I love to cook or shop:) I love spending money in my spare time and its a problem lol

  • Oh my goodness your little yellow bungalow looks better than out little yellow house. Its in desperate need of a paint job 😛
    No that it's cooling off I've contemplated walking to our favorite ice cream shop instead of sending the husband off every wednesday. We'll see if he's up for that 🙂

  • I enjoy trying to sneak in living room exercise during nap time and reading good books before bed;)

  • I'm pretty sure we live just a few blocks from each other!

  • I love the Heights area! We should get together! 🙂

  • kelli g

    In my spare time I love to do pottery

  • How fun! Love that cute top and looks like you were strolling around the Heights 🙂 Love that area of town. All of these great restaurants are popping up everywhere 🙂

  • I make a point to drive by that white house weekly and I totally had the same thoughts about Practical Magic!! I'm also jealous you have a porch to decorate. That was the one thing on my house wish list we didn't get 🙁
    Have fun at the casino!! I went to college in Louisiana and spent some time at that casino one spring break. The pool area is amazing – and there was once a Key Lime Pie Martini at the grill/steakhouse restaurant in it – if they still have it, get it!

  • Oh my, those houses are all amazing! I wish I lived closer to the heights so I could stop and look at those more often. I love going yard saling, thrift shopping or trying new restaurants! You can find me and the husband doing at least one of those things every weekend.

  • I like to do yoga in my spare time 🙂

  • I love to read, exercise, go to the beach and spend time with my family and friends! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Bailey dexter. I love to shop online lol and read a few good blogs