Perfectly Dressed for Polo

I have lived in Houston for an entire year now. Believe it
or not, our one-year Texas anniversary is TODAY of all days!   

Fortunately, I found out about this hidden gem just in time
to make the last game of the fall season.  

So this past Sunday, Patrick and I, along with our friends Danny and Anna, headed to the Houston Polo Club for a lovely afternoon of horses,
champagne & cocktails – and people watching. 

Anglophile that I am, I am absolutely obsessed with all
things British.  I studied abroad in Wales in college and fell completely in love with the entire county.  One time Patrick and I even toyed
with the idea of moving to the UK.  But
as soon as we found out our sweet golden retriever would have to be quarantined
for up to a year, all bets were off. 

Anywho, I have always loved flipping through the pages of
tabloid magazines and spotting the British royals donning
fabulous floppy hats and fascinators at their lavish events. Most of the time these fabulous events
seem to be William and Harry’s polo matches.  


So upon finding out that I would be attending the “Texas”
version of one of the Britts’ favorite events, I was thrilled to dress the

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When eShakti reached out to me to style and review a piece
from their lovely fall line, I was thrilled that Sunday Funday at the Polo Club
(you know, the perfect excuse to get all dressed up) was right around the

This embroidered fit and flare poplin dress is probably the
most perfect dress for Texas falls. The colors are appropriate for the season
and the fabric is lightweight enough for the warmer temperatures that still
like to linger this time of year.  As the
weather cools, I will probably style with a chunky yellow sweater, a pair of
tights, and tall boots.   

The great thing about eShakti’s dresses (not just dresses, but everything for that matter) is that they are all completely customizable.  How can clothing be customizable you ask?  
It’s super easy! eShakti offers customers the opportunity to
perfectly tailor your clothing to your size and style.  The best part about it? Completely hassle
free.  For example, the dress I’m wearing
originally came with capped sleeves and the hemline hit all the way to the knee.  Maybe I’m a bit risqué, but I chose to have my
dress sleeveless and hit above the knee. 
 In just under a week, this pretty
dress arrived on my doorstep perfectly tailored to how I wanted it to look. 

Lone Star Looking Glass readers can receive 10% off their
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Here are a few of my favorites, perfect for this time
of year.

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Anywho, enough about clothes for now.  Let’s pop on over to
the polo match. 

Houston Polo Club, Houston Polo

Houston Polo Club is nestled right in the heart of the city, but with
all the surrounding trees you feel as if you were actually far off in
the countryside. There is even a full service bar and mini restaurant
tucked in the corner, run by Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, naturally. 

grabbing our necessities for the afternoon, we found a spot with a
good view and settled in amongst the crowd of people to watch the

not sure which I liked best: actually watching
the match, sipping on champagne and chatting with friends, or admiring the fashionable spectators surrounding us.

Houston Polo Club, Houston Polo
Houston Polo Club, Houston Polo

Houston Polo Club, Houston Polo

These two certainly enjoyed “horsing around.”

Halfway through the game, the spectators frolic to the field for the traditional stomp
the divot.  Divots are basically the
holes that are created when the horses make quick turns during play.  By stomping the grass back over the holes,
fans are essentially protecting the horses and players alike for the rest of
the day’s game.

Plus stomping divots is just a whole lot of fun, I might add. 

And I may or may not have felt like I was living in the middle of the polo scene in the movie Pretty Woman. 🙂  


eshakti embroidered dress, eshakti blog, eshakti black fit and flare dress, eshakti black embroidered dress, eshakti, eshakti emrboidery dress

Even after the game had ended, there was still fun to be

The stables at the Polo Club are open to the guests and
visitors can just stroll right on down past all the pretty horses. 

Houston Polo Club, Houston Polo
Houston Polo Club, Houston Polo

Oh, and I absolutely had to stop these stylish men and take a photograph.  

A couple of true dapper dans!

I have always loved horses but I never get enough
opportunities to go riding.  Maybe this
love of mine comes from the fact that I’ve seen The Horse Whisperer about 200
times. Not entirely sure.  But anyway, I was in my own mini-heaven, stopping at each stall and visiting with these beautiful

All the while Patrick was convinced one would bite me.   

But who is to say I’m not a horse whisperer myself?

The four of us had a lovely time and as the sun started to set, it was time to say goodbye until next season.

Which I plan to be back for … probably every Sunday. 
absolutely love how this big city surprises me with new and exciting things to
do almost all the time! You really never know what is right around the corner and
what fun opportunities or events could be just outside your doorstep.   

first year of ours in Texas has certainly been quite the adventure.  A year ago today we pulled up in our U-Haul
and had no idea what to expect.  I’m
thrilled to see how at home we feel in Houston today and I plan on celebrating
that tonight … with Mexican food of course.

(Today is National Guacamole Day … after all)

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!


this post was sponsored by eShakti – all opinions are my own

  • I grew up in Houston and didn't even know that there was a Polo club!! Looks like fun!

  • I live in Houston and have never even been to the Polo club. It looks like so much fun! I love your dress and especially your shoes, they're so cute!

  • I did not know this either, thanks for sharing. I do not know much about Polo, but I love horses. I plan on going horseback riding soon. I heard there a many ranches close to the city. I moved to Houston almost five months ago, but I have just started to explore this huge city, any recommendations for someone new in Houston? Happy New Year.