A “Garden Escape” with Clarins

Did you all have a “love”-ly Valentine’s Day weekend? 
I’ll have a post coming a bit later this week with all the details from our unconventional (but also very fun) Valentine’s Day. Here’s a hint, it involves bicycles & beer. So romantic, right? Spoiler Alert: it was! 
But for now, I’m talking about the Clarins Spring Preview Blogger Event that was held at Macy’s in the Houston Galleria last week. 
As I am always one to get into the holiday spirit, and it being several days before Valentine’s, I jumped at the chance to get dressed up in shades of red and white for the Clarins event. 
I just kind of forgot that red and white were Clarins’ colors too?
I blended right in … to the display, that is! 

I caught up with several other bloggers before we were treated to a presentation of Clarins new spring color collection, which beautifully calls itself “Garden Escape.”
Think different shades of corals, pinks, pearly whites and greens, all reminiscent of a garden and perfect for spring. 

Clarins Spring 2015, Clarins Garden Escape Review, Clarins Garden Escape Spring 2015
Clarins Spring 2015, Clarins Garden Escape Review, Clarins Garden Escape Spring 2015
I was able to try several different products and I simply can’t tell you guys enough good things about Clarins UV Plus SPF 50! It’s super lightweight and goes on in the morning before your regular moisturizer, all the while keeping those nasty UV rays, free radicals and pollution away throughout the rest of your day.
The Sweet Rose Blush that was included in Clarins spring collection is that one shade of blush that as soon as you try it, you can’t imagine yourself ever wearing another shade … ever again. 
Oh, sweet rose, where have you been all of my life? 
But seriously. 

I oohed and ahhed over all of the beautiful makeup in this lacy Anthropologie Peplum Top paired with my shiny red midi skirt.

If your new to this blog (or just haven’t discovered this about me yet), let me warn you, I have a smalllll (ok, quite large) addiction to midi skirts and peplum tops.

This was the first time I paired my two favorites together, and I love how it turned out!

I just may have to try this look more often. Thank you Poor Little It Girl for the inspiration!

anthropologie white peplum top, anthropologie lace peplum top, white peplum top and midi skirt,

Did you all get dressed up in shades of red or pink for Valentine’s Day this year, too? Hope you had the opportunity to eat one too many pieces of chocolate (I know I did) and were able to enjoy the day!
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  • Ooh I will have to check out that moisturizer!! Always looking for good stuff down here in TX 🙂

  • I'm a teacher and, even though I teach high school, I love the opportunity go over-the-top with my clothes for holidays. I own a few Christmas sweaters that would normally be reserved for tacky sweater parties. For Valentine's Day, I've been known to wear pink and red together. Just because I can.

  • I'm obsesssssed with your top!!! And your purse. Please come to my closet and show me how to dress like you!