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A belated Valentine’s Day post is better late than never, right?
Hey, at least it’s still February!  
(Side note – I STILL can’t get over Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars last night! Can I get that on iTunes please? … so amazing).
On February 14th, love was in the air and the weather was oh-so warm, feeling as if it were late spring rather than the middle of winter. 
So naturally it was the perfect recipe for several hundred Houstonians to join together for a Valentine’s Evening Pub Bike/Crawl. 
But to be fair, there was actually very little crawling involved. 

Patrick and I met up with our friends, Jenna and Alex, and together we biked over to the first stop on our bar tour – Canyon Creek in Washington Heights. 
With our Valentine’s Day flowers in tow, of course! 
If you live in the Houston area and haven’t stopped by any of the “Creek” bars or restaurants, then you must ASAP!
They are our weekend go-tos for their great food, drinks, and the atmosphere.  With large patios flanked by numerous palm trees, I always feel like I’m on a mini-vacation whenever we pop in for dinner. 

Karbach Brewery hosted our Valentine’s Day ride, so at all the different stops we were all given little tickets that we could use to quickly grab drinks from the bar, if we so desired. 

I must say, I was pretty impressed how well planned and executed this grand biking adventure was. 
Just barely finishing our drinks, the group leaders were calling for us and it was time to hop on our bikes once more to head to the next location. 
In case there were any stragglers, we were all given pocket-sized maps with the evening’s agenda.  

Thankful for the bit of insurance, we all hit the road. 

I really can’t put into words how much fun it was to bike throughout the busy streets of Houston with several hundred other biking enthusiasts!  With lights on our bikes and guides who made sure the traffic stopped for us, we all felt pretty safe cruising through the traffic.
Once we arrived to our next destination, Onion Creek, the organizers surprised us with raffles, games, and various ice breakers, encouraging the gang of pub crawlers to have fun and get to know one another. 
And alas, at this point in the night, my camera battery had decided to die and my iPhone was just not cutting it.  
But that was probably for the best! 😉 
Two stops later, and after a whole lot more biking, we had had our fill of fun and were completely exhausted. 
The evening was definitely a Valentine’s Day for the books, and I hope we do it again next year! 
Until then, I hear that Houston has group bike rides the last Friday of every month.  Now, that’s a monthly tradition I could really get “geared” up for! 

  • Sounds like a fun Valentine's Day!!!

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  • That sounds like such a fun idea for a bar crawl… and a great one for Valentine's day too!! Wish we had things like that around here!! Although I don't think the drivers in Philly would be polite if traffic was stopped for a bike bar crawl lol

  • That's a great pub crawl idea, and a little adventurous too. Especially with how Houston roads can be! I haven't tried any of the Creeks but I will have to add them to my list of places to try in Houston. Very fun, post.