A Stylish & Practical Camping Gear Roundup


 As you can probably guess from the fact that I have a
fashion blog, I really like to get all dressed up and fancy, more often than
But what you probably don’t know about me is that as much as
I love to put on make up and have my hair done, I equally enjoy getting down
and dirty with messy hair and no make up for days in the middle of the

With that being said, Patrick and I are planning a big
weekend away at Big Bend National Park. We’ll be hiking the Chisos Mountains,
canoeing the Rio Grande and sleeping under the stars.  And I simply cannot wait!

We used to live steps away from the Smokey Mountains, so I
feel like a seasoned pro when it comes to camping.  My only wish is that I could go more
often!  As Patrick and I have been making
our pile in our guest room with all of our favorite camping gear, I felt
inspired to do a camping gear round up for you guys.  With a fashionable take on it of course. 😉

Tent: Unless you’re going backpacking and plan on carrying
your tent with you, a basic four-person tent like this one from Target is all
you need. This one is a steal for less than $40.  Very easy to set up too!

: I’ve got to have my coffee. Even in the middle of
the wilderness. This percolator sits over a stovetop or nestled in hot coals
and brews your Joe just as nice as your electronic pot at home.

Shoes: In Knoxville, everyone and their mother owned a pair
of Chacos. Here in Texas, not so much. But these practical water-friendly shoes
are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Perfect for canoeing the Rio

Hammock: We may be “roughing it” but that doesn’t mean we
can’t be comfortable! I love Eagle Nest Outfitters’ two-person hammock, or as
they call it the “double nest.” The straps can hook around just about anything
with ease and in minutes you have yourself a cozy hammock in the middle of the
wilderness. Now to find the perfect book for some sweet hammock action, and I’ll
be set!

Shorts: Patrick and I went on a crazy camping kick a couple
of years ago and I invested in quite a few pieces of outdoor apparel. One of my
favorite things I purchased were these lightweight shorts from Patagonia. They’re extremely comfortable and dry

 super quickly too.

Games: With no cell phone service for miles, we’re packing a
deck of cards and a radio for a bit of old school entertainment.  

Lantern: This teal lantern from Target is only $9.99! It’s
very bright, even for 

the small price tag.

Tote: I’ve raved before about My Other Bag, but I’m telling
ya’ll, this tote is “totes-amazing.” Aside from the fabulous Celine look-alike
print on the front, this sturdy bag has a huge pocket inside and a strap for
securing your keys, which is extremely helpful if you’re anything like me! 
Cooler: This is my husband’s department. He swears by our Yeti cooler! We’re packing a weekends worth of perishable food in here and driving across the state. Not worried about it going bad one bit! 
GoPro: The two of us splurged on a GoPro as an early anniversary present to ourselves.  Expect (hopefully) quite a bit of fun videos to be shared when we get back!  
First Aid Kit & Knife: Necessary wilderness survival gear.  🙂 
Hat: For starters, I just really liked this hat from Anthropologie. And I’m also thinking it’s going to come in handy on our day hike through the desert. 
Blanket: This gorgeous Mehari Blanket is from FashionABLE. I found about this amazing brand at Texas Style Council.  FashionABLE works to end poverty by empowering women artisans across the world with fair wages and fair hiring. Not only is this rad blanket adorable, but it has a great story behind it. I’m thinking it’ll be put to good use under the 100,000,000 stars I expect to see while deep in the heart of Texas. 

Hope this guide was somewhat helpful to the inner outdoorswoman in ya! 

I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of photos from our adventure in West Texas soon.  Hope you are all having a good weekend! And as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!


  • Love this roundup! I'm quite new to camping, but have so enjoyed it. I think a door mat would be super useful for going in and out of the tent – might be the neat freak in me.

  • Looks like you'll have all the right gear. I'm not a camper – so enjoy!:)

  • Don't judge me, but I've never been camping before! Can you believe it? Me either. I want to go so badly!