Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is this Sunday ya’ll! Have you gotten Dad a gift yet? 

Don’t fret if not! Today I’m sharing my better late than never Father’s Day Gift Guide. There’s still time to snag one of these goodies for that special father or father figure in your life. To top it off, this gift guide has been man approved by my lovely husband. He may not be a father (and there are currently no plans for that to change just yet) but he’s still a guy & one whom who I think has very great taste. 🙂 
Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend! Sadly living so far away from my family, I won’t be able to celebrate with my dad this weekend. If we were together, I’d imagine we’d go out for Mexican food and then watch a Western movie with a whole lot of cowboy & Indian action. (Currently one of his favorite movie genres.) Maybe I’ll have to do just that in his honor, here in Texas.  Because who really needs a good excuse to go out to eat at El Tiempo anyway? 
Love ya, Dad! 
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! 

  • Love those books! And those retriever napkins! Awesome gift ideas!