Fresh Food in a Snap

I’m doing something a little bit different today and instead of talking about clothes, I’m going to share with you all something I love just as much: delicious food.  
But really, who doesn’t?

Patrick and I love to cook, but our schedule doesn’t always allow for yummy homemade meals on the regular.  
When there’s no time to cook we (mostly me) jump at the chance to go out to eat at a restaurant. When there isn’t even time enough for that, we seem to resort to quick & easy fast food much too often. We all know that too much Zaxbys & Chick Fil A can be pretty bad for ya, right?  (Being from the South, I have quite the thing for fried chicken ya’ll ….)
So when Snap Kitchen opened just a few blocks away from our home, I felt like it was a sign from above to help us start eating better … even when we’re in a hurry. 

When you walk into your local Snap Kitchen, you’re treated with a colorful experience (mostly green, orange & black) of healthy & consciously crafted dishes.

It really is the adult version of being a kid in the candy store. So much goodness to choose from!

I usually stop in Snap Kitchen on my way to work and grab breakfast & lunch for the day.

I’m the type of person that has to have breakfast.  I can’t function without it! I get “hangry.”  How do so many people survive on just coffee in the a.m.?! I will never know.

My current breakfast go-to is the Snappy Bites Cheesy Egg Cups – which translates to bite size egg & ground turkey cakes with sweet potatoes on the side.  🙂

As I was perusing the selection of grab & go salads, one of the employees at Snap Kitchen was kind enough to let me know that the Kale & Watermelon Salad was one of their new seasonal dishes for summer.

I knew I liked watermelon … and I thought I liked kale.

But once I tried this tasty salad, I decided that I love kale! So …. does that mean I need to move to California now?! 😉

If juice is more your thing, there is a big selection with many different flavors to choose from.

Another shout out to the good ol’ watermelon: the Energy Boost Juice is made up of watermelon, lime, mint & papaya and is fab-u-lous!

The particular morning that I stopped in, I knew I had a super busy day ahead and a meeting after work to top it off, so I grabbed enough food to last the entire day, with a little desert to finish it all off.  (Goat cheese cheese cake … yum!)

The convenience of Snap Kitchen is a serious game changer for the foodie in me and I’m so glad that they are so close by!

At the moment, you can find Snap Kitchen in Houston, Austin, Chicago and Dallas.

Just another reason to come on down and visit Texas right? 🙂

For the fashionista readers of mine, I couldn’t resist a “snap” of what I wore that day! Luckily my office is more on the casual side and we get to wear jeans to work. (Holla!) So most often I’ll head to work with jeans, heels, a nice top and some fun jewelry. I know a lot of places don’t allow jeans in the workplace, but I honestly do feel like I work harder when I’m dressed more comfortably. 

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope this post kinda convinced you to incorporate healthier food options into your life, even if you think you don’t have time for it.  Speaking of not having time for anything …. I may actually be running late & about to run out the door to the office as I type this very sentence! But the weekend is oh-so near, I can almost taste it!  Hope you all are able to get outdoors and spend yours with friends & family this weekend!


*disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Snap Kitchen. all opinions are my own. 

  • The watermelon and kale combo sounds DELISH!! I'm so jealous of that amazing store so close to your house!

  • Jealous! That place looks amazing!

  • I love Snap and luckily there's one right down from my work! I need to pop in there and try that watermelon salad now, so quick and delicious.

  • Whaaaaaaaaat?? Where in the heck is this?! I've never heard of this place, nor do I know of anything like this near me (Los Angeles area). I'm missing out, this would be such a time saver, especially having 2 small kids (3 yr old and 8 week old). Thanks for sharing this, I'm on a mission to find something like this here 🙂 -Misty

  • I totally just stumbled on your instagram today, and now I'm probably going to comment on your blog a few too many times haha. We're in Katy and there's a Snap Kitchen two minutes away from us and I never knew what it was! This is amazing because I absolutely hate when we don't want to cook ( /have no food lol) and we end up in a drive-thru. So glad I read this!

    x. Morgan