Summer Dresses – Wishlist

Happy June 1st! The first of June is actually a holiday in the Kerley household, it’s our wedding anniversary! 

This year marks the second anniversary of our wedding. Time sure has flown by and a whole lot has happened since June 1st, 2013. I’m planning a little recap of our anniversary & wedding highlights later in the week.  But right now, I am just itching for the workday to be over so Patrick and I can celebrate together tonight. 🙂 
In the meantime, I’m rounding up a few of my favorite summer dresses for you all.  I’ve gotten in to the habit lately where I want to throw on a dress for a casual night out but it seems like most of what is in my closet is either really really dressy or more on the casual weekend “play” clothes side. Not a whole lot of in between throw on & go stuff.  Which is something I’d kinda like to change. I love that these summer dresses are the perfect amount of “casual chic” and can easily be paired with strappy sandals for a simple & pulled together look.  
Plus a few look like what I would call “bike friendly.” 😉 When the weather gets warm, we like to bike to the local restaurants and bars in our neighborhood.  I have some really comfortable compression shorts that I like to throw on under sundresses so that I’m able to bike my little heart out (while dressed up) all evening long.   
I’m thinking that’s the plan for our anniversary tonight, to bike to this cute little Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. (We shall see what Patrick has up his sleeve!) Should that be on the agenda, I’ll be sure to celebrate in a cute sundress similar to one of these! 🙂 
Shop the Look:

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  • Happy anniversary lovely! These dresses are adorable. The one with the cut out would look great on you!

  • Happy anniversary! I love that asos stripe dress!! 🙂