June’s Mini Moments

So … it may be July 21st, and a whole lot of time has passed since June .. but that isn’t going to stop me from sharing a recap of some sweet smaller moments that didn’t officially make their way over to the blog. (Aka a glamorous instagram roundup for those who may not follow me on Insta.) 🙂 
For starters, on June 1st Patrick and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been two years now! We still very much feel like a newlyweds though. 🙂 

June consisted of a whole lotta eating at Snap Kitchen. Newly opened just a few blocks away … I couldn’t resist their watermelon kale salads. Yes, I said kale. Am I hipster now?

I started a new job in mid-May, which has already treated me to a few fun happy hours with new co-workers. One of which took place at Houston’s own Karbach brewery.  If you’re more interested in the outfit, I’ve linked the looks here: purse // top // denim // shoes
Had to share that I found this pretty fringe purse at Cavender’s for less than $15 you guys! AND It’s still available: here. More interested in the earrings though? Those are Lisi Lerch and I probably wear them minimum once a week. They tend to go with everything! 😉 
Summertime means travel, right? Patrick and I whisked away for the weekend to visit family in Knoxville, Tennessee. And I simply couldn’t go without my favorite travel bag & these much comfier than they may look minnetonka sandals.
Lake Norris in East Tennessee! Patrick proposed to me three years ago in this very spot! It was so much fun to go back and visit one of the places we love most. 
While browsing our favorite boutiques and random shops in downtown Knoxville, I picked up a print that I simply had to take home with me. Because if you know me well, then you know that old time music DEFINITELY makes me dance! 
With busy hectic schedules and working 9 to 5, I still try to appreciate the smaller moments summer has to offer. Like waking up early and catching the sunrise against the palm trees, for instance. If I’m going to wake up early to go to work, at least I get to see something pretty.
Another thing I tried this month was Tout Suite in downtown Houston.  I met up with a blogger friend of mine who was in town. The two of us met one another at Texas Style Council last spring and it was so good to catch up months later! Over lattes & avocado toast, naturally. 
June mostly consisted of our dog Marigold not listening to a word we said.  Here she is doing her thang on our hammock. Did we tell her not to jump on it? Yes. Did we tell her to get off? Yes. Marigold listens to no one! 

When I wasn’t working, blogging, disciplining Marigold, and hanging with the hubs … you could find me curled up with the second Outlander book: Dragonfly in Amber. It has taken me months to read this you guys!! Months! The kindle doesn’t do it justice, this book is at least three inches thick hardcopy. People still measure a book’s difficulty by how thick it is, right? … Also I need more time in the day to read. Hermione, can I borrow your time turner?

Another fun moment in June, I am now the proud owner of red cowboy boots! These beauties from Cavender’s make me feel like an even truer Texan. Yes, I may not be born & raised here, but I do have me some Texas ancestors who would be just as proud as my Tennessee ones to see me boot scootin’ my way through the Lone Star State. Red boots requires. 

Other than happy hours, my new job also gives us the opportunity to let loose on our creative sides, with outdoor painting class picnics during our lunch break. Spoiler alert, my painting was just so beautiful that it will never. ever. be hung in a museum. I’ll be lucky if it even makes the fridge! 
With the weather outside frightfully hot, it must have made me sleepier this month. I don’t know. But I found myself on latte overload! This one at common bond may have just been the best one I’ve had. Also here’s a tip: if you’re going to shell out $4 for a latte, you might as well get it in a ceramic mug and sit back, relax and enjoy it. Where is the fun in sipping on-the-go while your cute latte art is covered with a plastic lid?
And one last perk of the new job (you guys, I really love my new job) was bring your dog to work day! We have two goldens, Marigold & Lily. Lily is 3 and Marigold is about 8 months. As big sister Lily has been on many more adventures, I thought it was time to take Marigold out for a spin. And believe it or not, she was perfectly obedient! 
And lastly, we are fortunate enough to have several friends with pools and it has made all the difference in the world this summer! Forget laying out though, it is almost too hot for that! We’ve been spending all of our pool time actually in the water just to stay cool.  // Btw if you haven’t tried Sun Bum, well then you’ve just got too! It’s probably the sweetest smelling sun screen out there, and it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky either.  Also these blue metallic gladiator lace ups are from Anthro & on sale too! 🙂 
Now that we are almost at the end of July, all of these mini moments from June seem so far away. It’s nice to go back, look through them and share. with you all This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love blogging! Because it enables me to capture my life in a way that plain old facebook, instagram and playing with a camera couldn’t. I love how blogging enables my pictures to tell stories, and even if I’m the only one reading them it’s fun to go back and see the sweet memories made from years past. 
To be fair, I did scrapbook all through high school and college. So maybe blogging is just the adult outlet for it that I needed!? I’m going to say, yes! 
Hope you’ve been having a fabulous July so far! And can you believe how fast it is flying by? How are we already almost in August!? I’m going to try to stop and savor as much of summer as I can.  But I’m not going to lie, I’m oh-so ready for cooler temperatures down in Texas! As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! 

  • Such a fun post!! Your wedding pic is so lovely…I'm a sucker for wedding pics 🙂