Off the Shoulder with White Lace

Pale is the new tan, am I right? Somehow we are right in the thick of summer and I have no tan to prove it. No complaints here, I layer on that SPF! But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m probably not going to have that killer tan that I did back in my lifeguarding days. (Killer is the keyword here.) However, there was something special about having that one great tan each summer, and how I felt it looked when wearing bright white tops & sundresses.  
Flash forward to today, I’ll wear all the white I want, because I’ve decided I love the way it looks with my pale skin. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of what is pretty as opposed to what is good for you, and my alabaster pale skin sure is good for me. (At least I think so?) Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to self tanning lotions. I just havn’t found a good one yet. Holla at me if you have a favorite! 
Moral of this tangent is – pale, tan, yellow, orange, black or red: wear what you want! And as Dove would say: love the skin you’re in. 
Speaking of loving, I’m currently loving this gorgeous white off the shoulder top from Houston’s very own Gray Door Boutique. It highlights the shoulders and the floral lace wrap has just the right amount of stretch so you can move your arms comfortably.  Has anyone else noticed that off the shoulder clothing is everywhere lately!? I for real can’t get enough of this trend! 
I decided to dress this top down with jeans and cowboy boots for a casual weekend look. But I’m also looking forward to styling it with a bright clutch, dark jeans and heels for a night out. I think it would look oh-so cute tucked into a skirt or high-waisted shorts too! Do you have a favorite top that you find easy to dress both up & down? Those are the items that usually get the most wear out of my wardrobe, so I’m thrilled to have found this one! 
*Houston ladies:* if you’re in the area this Thursday, I would love to see you at the style party I’m hosting at Anthropologie in Highland Village! There will be sips, sweets & plenty of summer fashion. For more details: click here
photography by lauren beatty 

  • Gorgeous pictures- love that top and your skin 🙂 I completely relate about being tan in my earlier years, but also now embracing paler, healthier skin.


  • Awesome Outfit. You look so pretty.

  • Lovely outfit. You look gorgeous in that amazing white top. Loved the boots too! 🙂

  • Love it! Rock the milky white skin. You look gorgeous!

  • You look beautiful, and especially in white! I haven't found a self tanner that works for me either, but I've recently heard a lot of great things about St. Tropez.

  • I love that shirt! You are adoreable…great style you have, love discovering other fashion gals like myself!


  • I love this top, especially with the whole outfit together, so pretty! I'm a big fan of lace. 🙂

  • That top is gorgeous! I'm with you. I stay pale pretty much all summer long. I have three shades: fair, orange, and lobster. My skin just does not tolerate the sun. I love the name of those boots!

  • This top is Summer perfection! I love the lace detail and you're totally feeding my off the shoulder obsession I have this season. Can we also talk about the boots! LOVE! XO

  • I love when you wear boots; I feel like they're very much a part of your personality! 😀

  • That is a gorgeous top! & I love that you pair it with cowboy boots.

  • Beauty! I love the blouse!