Getting Fit in Floral

Who woke up early to work out or go on a run this morning? I would just LOVE to say that I did … but here’s to hoping that I do so after work today. 🙂 
But really, how could I not be running off to the gym, now that these floral work out leggings have entered my life.  Today, I’m teaming up with Albion Fit to talk about how I like to stay active as well as give one lucky reader (and her friend) the opportunity to each win a $25 gift card to Albion Fit
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When it comes to working out, I’ll be honest for a bit and let y’all know: I really don’t like going to the gym. (I’m so impressed with al the people who do!) I did a few months of Class Pass earlier in the year, and once I got in my routine, I’ll admit, I loved it! But as soon as I got out of the routine, it was so hard to pick it back up.  Case in point, consistency is key in order to keep up (and enjoy) your work out.
To keep fit without going to the gym, I like being active in other ways.  Patrick and I love going on long bike rides and walks through our neighborhood with the pups. Seriously though, walking two almost 100 pound golden retrievers (who also hate their leashes) is a legitimate work out. I’ve also discovered that I really like Zumba. While maybe it’s not the trendiest workout of the moment, (cough cough, barre) I certainly think it’s the most fun. When I’m salsa dancing in my Zumba class, I kind of forget that I’m actually working out because I’m having so much fun. I think, for me at least, that’s how it should be! 
If you take one glance at my blog, you can probably tell blue & white are my favorite colors. If I could figure out how to decorate the blog layout with blue flowers, then I certainly would! Case in point, I just really like blue and white flowers ha. 🙂 So when I saw this oh-so cute pair of leggings from Albion Fit, I couldn’t not own a pair! I have never seen a pair of leggings that were just so much fun! Not only are they adorable, but they’re sturdy & comfortable too. Held up quite well in Zumba last week, you guys! The crew neck top is super soft too, & I’m digging the thumbholes! 
These leggings, y’all, they’re also really great for weekend Target runs. 🙂  (Which is mostly where I’ve been wearing them.) #sobasic. Because it’s completely normal to wear your workout gear when running errands, that’s kind of a workout in itself right?  
Here’s to getting your exercise on – in some form or another! To help y’all get more motivated to work out, if you need it, (or just to bribe you with fashion) I’m giving away two gift cards to Albion Fit for $25 each! The giveaway will be happening TONIGHT (Aug. 31) on Instagram at 7:30 CST.  Make sure you’re following me (here) so you can enter! & good luck! 
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog. 
photos by lauren beatty

  • These leggings are so much fun! I have a similar issue of just getting to the gym – once I am there, I enjoy my workouts!! But I have to get there….:D

    xx, Emily
    Something Gold, Something Blue

  • My favorite is the "watch me smile while I run" pose. Adorable as always 🙂 – I'm impressed with all the ways you find to stay fit. Finding something that works for me is on my to do list.