Texas, Y’all

Y’all. You plus All. You all = Y’all.
Goodness gracious I love the South! It really is too hot down here for us to even bother with enunciating “you + all.” That is supposedly what was the initial cause of the contraction “y’all,” the hot heat of the South. First appearing in 1824, (thank you wikipedia) y’all is now something I say on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Patrick and I found out we were moving to Texas a few years ago, I was so glad that we were still going to be living in “the South.” Yes, Texas is very much it’s own entity, but it really reminds me a whole lot of Tennessee. The values, traditions & overall culture down here are all pretty similar. This is probably why the two of us fell in love with the lone star state so quickly! 
I’m all for state pride, so I felt that this “y’all” version of the Home T’s traditional “home” shirt was the most appropriate for this TX transplant. After all, I call both Tennessee & Texas home. 🙂 
I had so much fun styling this casual t-shirt in a cute & different way. I dressed this “y’all” tee up with a dressier skirt, which isn’t something that’s done too often. By pairing casual tees with dressier skirts, I’m able to get more wear out of the many skirts in my closet for more casual days of the week. Plus, I feel like I look put together while being oh-so comfortable at the same time. 
This midi-skirt, aptly named the “Alyce Striped Skirt” is from Francesca’s. I just noticed that this pretty striped skirt is sold out. I mean, it is absolutely gorgeous isn’t it, so that’s naturally expected. I’ve linked a few similar options below, just in case you were hankering for one too. 😉 

Wherever you live, whether it be in the North or the South, there is no place like home. The Home T is there to help you show off your “home” stylishly. 🙂 These shirts are not only insanely soft, but a portion of proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Now that’s pretty cool!
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! 
photography by lauren beatty
*this post was sponsored by the home t, all opinions are my own.*

  • So cute! Love it! 🙂

  • Love the graphic top.



  • Liz

    I love the graphic tee with the striped skirt!! Such a cute look and a great way to make a t-shirt look polished. Nailed it!

  • Love the way you styled this tee!

  • Alice! I think you are such a doll- I feel like I know you because you radiate happiness and your fun personality through all your posts and photos. Thank you for being a blogger that I truly enjoy following!

    x.o. Josie

    • Josie you just made me day (okay MONTH!) with this sweet comment! I too adore following you on insta & your cute blog! Glad we found each other across the web! 🙂


  • I got the Home T (SC) for my birthday! I've been dying over these for the past two or so years, so I'm so excited to have gotten my hands on it!

  • So cute!!! I love this look

  • Y'all is pretty much the best thing I picked up in the south. It's brilliant. It took me a while to realize that it's y'all and not ya'll.

  • I will be purchasing this shirt and wearing it every day.