Topshop Beauty

I recently had the opportunity to try Topshop’s new beauty line, and ya’ll I’m totally smitten! Already a huge fan of the brand, (thanks to my obsession with all things British) I was thrilled to see the launch of their new line of makeup.  Plus, the array of colors and packaging (hello, polka dots!) are very much in line with the Topshop spirit, making it all the more fun.

I’ve come a long way since middle school when I had NO clue how to put on makeup by myself. My mom tried and tried to teach me and it just didn’t stick. That’s when she bought me Bobbi Brown’s teenage beauty “how-to put on makeup” book and my life was changed for ever.  
These days, I have so much fun trying new and different beauty products and getting gussied up for run of the mill days or special events.  For the past month, I’ve been using these Topshop pretties and I have simply got to tell ya’ll all about my favorites from the new collection! 
1. Bronzing Illuminator: First of all, this literally goes on my face every single morning.  I’m on a bit of the paler side, so I’ll take any ounce of color I can get. I’ve tried bronzers before that definitely do not mix well with my skin tone and look oh-so unnatural.  I love how this particular shimmery shade dusts right on and highlights as well as gives a hint or color.  Fun fact, it can also be used as a blush.  
2. Glow Dust: My second favorite item from Topshop’s beauty collection. This silky weightless powder is perfect for those nights you want to get gussied up for something special. It highlights & brightens the skin, giving you a sun-kissed look. (I dust just a bit on top of the cheeks, nose & forehead … and the shoulders if I’m wearing something that shows them off.) For the $18 price tag, I think this is worth every penny! Has totally upped my “going-out” makeup game.
3. Red Lips in Rio Rio: Who doesn’t love a good red lip? This matte lipstick goes on smooth, is anything but dry and lasts all night.
4. Magic Liner: With this liquid eyeliner pen, (and its ultra-fine felt tip) I can now attempt Taylor Swift’s perfect cat-eye. (Because I’m her #1 fan and have to copy her eyeliner, duh.)  
5. Eyeshadow in Shangri-la: This deep plum shimmery eyeshadow is so lightweight and easy to apply.  Aka, you don’t have to cake it on to get it to show up! Plus, I have green eyes so the darker purple-ish shade really makes them pop.
6.  Hot Pink Blush Brush: I didn’t know I could love something as simple as a makeup brush. I’ve mostly used random drugstore ones throughout the years, now I can never go back! First of all, this blush brush comes in hot pink (how fun is that?!) and second of all, it’s incredibly soft on the skin and holds powder really well. I think it’s time I get the rest of the collection’s brushes, if I do so say myself! 
If you live in Houston, Topshop – in the Galleria has a big display filled with all  oftheir lovely beauty products for you to peruse from. I know I spent way too much time in that little section the last time I popped in! If you don’t happen to have a Topshop near you, all of these pretties are available online as well.  

And now I’m off to play with my make-up while I get ready for work! Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday!


*big thank you to Topshop for letting me play with all of these fun beauty products! & naturally it goes without saying, but all opinions are my own* 🙂 

  • These products look so great- and I love the packaging! I could use a good bronzer for my pale skin, and I love the hot pink brush.

  • That plum eyeshadow looks gorgeous!

  • Aw, I always love seeing new make up! All these are favs of mine… I love the glow dust!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Great post! I love that eyeliner too…. Perfect lines. Everytime. *high five*

  • I am dying to try Topshop makeup!!