Topshop Styling Party

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Last week I had the exciting opportunity to host a mini-styling party at Topshop Topman! Ten of my gal pals and myself were tucked away into a Topshop shopper’s retreat filled with fresh flowers, sweet treats and more than enough champagne. 

I teamed up with Topshop’s personal stylist Adriana (who is absolutely amazing by the way!) to pull a few of my favorite looks for fall to share with the girls. 
But before we get to all that, please look how adorable Topshop’s personal styling set up is! 

This snazzy room is tucked away upstairs in the corner of Topman. It also features several posh dressing rooms. You and your friends can reserve it anytime and have your own shopping party too! If you’re interested, e-mail my girl Adriana at 🙂 
Before I go any further with this post.  Y’all, I bought a selfie stick! Here I am testing it (awkwardly) at the event.  I haven’t quite mastered the whole taking the photo and smiling for it thing. But everyone sure seems to have done so. 😉 
I’m thinking that this $15 hot pink blue tooth stick is going to make for a good (and quite fun) investment. 

Fresh flowers and tasty treats adorned our private shopping sanctuary.

We sipped sparkling champagne and strawberry lemonade while we chatted away until the styling session began.

I chose four separate looks to be modeled for my “squad.”  
Did I just successfully use the word “squad” in a sentence? 
It sure felt like we had a little squad that evening, with all of us sitting close & enjoying each other’s company! 
New slang words aside, I chose these four looks while browsing Topshop’s new arrivals. It was so much fun to see them styled on an actual person as opposed to merely just hanging on a rack. 

Here we are maaaarvaling at this gorgeous pink sequin top. I paired it with a black purse and a black pencil skirt that has a not-so-safe-for-work slit in the back. {But ya’ll, clearly it’s not meant to be worn to work!} 
I thought that this would be the perfect look for a girl’s night out or a bachelorette party.
I love anything lace, so it was no surprise that I was drawn to this little lace number. The gray is gorgeous. Fun fact, it also comes in red, pink & blue! 
topshop red dress, topshop body chain, topshop houston galleria
You can’t see the entire red dress in this picture, but I love the classic structured shape to it. You can definitely wear something like this to work … and then to happy hour right after! 
The necklace that I paired with it is actually in fact, a body chain! When I first picked it up, I had no idea. But seeing the model walk out with it draped across her shoulders, the overall look instantly went up many many notches.  How fun would it be to wear something like this to Fashion Houston or a fancy night out? 
I also think that this silver body chain would look cute with a simple black spaghetti strap sundress. Don’t you? Definitely different than my typical jewelry, but I like! 

topshop floppy hat, brown and black floppy hat, high neck striped tank, white mini, topshop
Lastly, this is what I jokingly referred to the girl’s as my “dinner in Monaco look.” I mean doesn’t it look like she just hopped off her yacht and is now strolling the streets of Monaco in search of a casual (but delicious) restaurant?! 
I’m not sure if any of y’all do this, but when I’m shopping I always like to imagine the fun places that I eventually (or in my imagination) will wear the clothes that I’m purchasing.  
This floppy hat, white mini & striped high-neck tank are totally meant for Monaco. 😉 
You can shop all the looks I pulled (and them some) here: 

After the mini-fashion show, we were treated to a styling session from both Topshop & Topman’s two personal stylists. 
They shared with us the bestselling pieces from across the globe.  It was fun for us Houstonians to see the top trending pieces from Paris & London, right here in our store.
Here’s a sneak peek:

After several more sips & snacks, my “squad” (had to!) and I headed downstairs to browse the pieces we had just seen and to do a little bit of shopping. 
 Naturally. 🙂 

Clearly the high neck flippy tunic (only $38!) was a winner that evening! (I too bought one in black.)
topshop houston galleria, topshop accessories, topshop fall 2015

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<3 these blogger babes! 
{I’ve linked my similar top, skirt, & bag just in case you were curious!}

It was just as fun to sip champagne tucked away in Topshop’s personal styling space as it was to hit the sales floor, shopping with friends. 
My favorite part about shopping with friends? You get soooo many opinions before you buy! 
We all came in & out of the dressing rooms, asking styling questions and giving each other feedback on our selections. It’s not too often that I get to go shopping with 10 gal pals, so it definitely made for a unique & fun experience! 
Thank you all for following along today’s post. It was a big one! Hope you’ve already had your morning coffee today. It is Monday, after all! 
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photos by lauren beatty … & my iphone 🙂

  • So pretty! Love that sequined dress. Congrats on a great event!

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  • So pretty!!! Looks like a great event!!! Love that sequin shirt and that floppy hat! 🙂

  • Looks like it was a great event! I will have to stop by the Houston location! I loved visiting the SoHo store and I am so excited to have one closer (although my wallet may dislike it)!!

    xx, Emily
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  • Oh my gosh! Looks like so much fun! I'd love to be a part of an event like this!

  • Brittany V

    Congrats on a successful event! Love that green high neck dress.

  • Let's be friends so you'll invite me to stuff like this 😉

  • I'm so jealous- that looks so fun! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!
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  • Fantastic event! I am just so impressed with you and all that you have accomplished since moving to Houston (and Kaitlyn and I awkwardly interacting with you at the concert 🙂 ). You have been an inspiration on blooming where you are planted!! Also of course you look adorable