Cowgirl (White after Labor Day) Chic

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Today I’m teaming up with stylish blogger Indiana Adams who blogs at Indiana Elsewhere & Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes to show you the two different ways we both styled this lovely white A-Line Dress from Brass
{Brass is an online boutique filled with beautiful well-made basics for women on-the-go.}
Indiana and I met at Texas Style Council this past spring. While typing at this very moment, I have no idea how she chose to style this dress, so there is a slight possibility we’ve gone the same route.
Cowboy boots & rancher hats? It’s a Texas thing. 

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As you can probably tell from some of my recent posts, I’ve been living in hats lately. Maybe it’s because I can’t always find my sunglasses, it’s the shade that they provide, or that I just like the way they look & make me feel – I’m not really sure. I just love the way that instantly dress up my outfits and make them more unique. 
But with this (somwhat) newfound hat obsession, my collection is starting to grow. Storing these pretties has turned into one tricky thing. I’m loving this chic way to style them that I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Now to find a wall in my home that isn’t already occupied & I’m good to go! 

The passing of Labor Day marks the beginning of fall style, in most people’s opinions. We had the shortest of cold fronts this weekend, so I was thrilled to break out my tall western riding boots.  Accessorizing with dark boots, a hat & a darker colored scarf brings this solid white dress right into fall. 

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Shop similar styles here: 

After shooting these photos, I realized we were just a hop, skip & a jump from the Sprinkles cupcakes ATM. We were up with the sun that morning, and Sprinkles wasn’t even open yet.  So it was fun to get our sugar fix …. extremely bright & early. 
Lauren (check out her new blog you guys) was a cupcake ATM newbie, so I couldn’t wait for her to check it out.  I, on the other hand, feel as if I’m a well versed cupcake connoisseur. 

Naturally, I stocked up on cupcakes for the rest of the day. 
Okay, those cupcakes only last a few hours…..

My two favorites are strawberry and lemon coconut (above.) If you find yourself in a city with a Sprinkles, be sure to stop! You won’t regret it! 
Now if only I was munching on a cupcake for breakfast this morning too.  Part of me is debating on stopping by the ATM on the way to work. The 20 minute detour does seem a bit worth it, doesn’t it? 
Hope your coffee is strong & your Monday short today, ladies! As always, thanks for stopping by the blog.  Don’t forget to follow the Lone Star Looking Glass on Pinterest for outfit inspiration, (my favorite storage ideas,) home decor eye candy & more. 
photos by lauren beatty

  • I was just discussing with a friend if white after Labor Day is a rule that's gone away, and seeing the way you so perfectly paired your white dress for fall, gives me all the inspiration to X that rule. Just adore it!

  • You look absolutely stunning mama, and I am head over hills for this look. Just gorgeous! I don't know what it is but I haven't stop wearing white after Labor Day eaither..LOL

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

  • I've been looking for a sign as to why I SHOULD wear white after Labor Day and I think this dress is just that sign 😉

  • So cute! I was just going to buy some white pants that were on sale yesterday but I was like "Is that rule a thing? ahhhh!" and you have just shown me it ISN'T because you look amazing!

  • That cupcake ATM is just so darling!! But your outfit is even more darling! Love it all!

    x.o. Josie

  • A cupcake vending machine!?!?! All my dreams have come true 🙂

  • Love this outfit! And thanks for the shoutout! 😀

  • Love that dress! I'm a fan of white after Labor Day!

  • Lots of thoughts. You're totally rocking the white after labor day thing. I don't wear white before labor day though because I make a mess of myself – so no white for me. Secondly, yay for Sprinkles cupcakes. I recently bought the mix from Williams-Sonoma and made them at home. They even come with the little fondant dot on top!