Girl’s Night Out with Del Frisco’s Grille

I don’t know about you, but my idea of the ultimate girl’s
night involves lots & lots of food.
Last week, my gal pals & I had a pretty epic girl’s night out – catching up over a delectable dinner Del Frisco’s Grille in The Woodlands.

Brace yourself: if you’re hungry, this post has a whole lot of food eye candy, and it’s not going to help with that. BUT once you get to the bottom, there’s a bit of a treat waiting for you, so be sure to hang in there! 

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older, married and what not, “girl’s
nights” have slowly turned into “couple’s nights.” Which certainly is not a bad
thing, (it’s a wonderful thing!) but sometimes you’ve got to get away from the
men and have some good uninterrupted girl talk.
Over cocktails & a number of delicious appetizers, of course! 

In celebration of the launch of Del Frisco’s Grille’s brand new lunch menu
(check it out here) we were treated to a taste testing of some of the restaurant’s
newest & most popular cocktails and dishes.
Almost every single one of us started out with Del Frisco’s
Grille’s signature cocktail: The VIP.
Anytime I drink out of a martini glass, I always feel fancy.
(thank you Hollywood) You better believe I was feeling extra-fancy when this
tasty pineapple-infused vodka drink arrived in its martini glass goodness.
So fancy, that I organized a collective “cheers” from the
The evening was a mix of new friends & old, which is
always fun because you get to introduce people who don’t know one another yet!
And when you’re bonding over plates filled with lollipop
chicken wings, cheesesteak eggrolls, & Asian street tacos – well, you’re most
certainly going to end up BFFs by the time dinner is over.  
The “appetizer” is always my favorite part of the meal, no
matter where I am eating. I think it’s because it’s like a little tasty teaser
of what’s to come …. & it means things are just getting started! 

My favorite appetizer of the evening had to have been the wild mushroom flatbread.  We all know that flatbread is really another word for a fancy pizza, right? 
Let me tell you, this arugula, caramelized onion, mushroom & cheese-topped “pizza” flatbread was simply divine!

Are you hungry yet?

Between the first course and the second, we all ordered another round of drinks. Everyone decided to try something different, as the drink options all looked oh-so delicious. 
Being from Tennessee and all, I couldn’t resist the Tennessee Peach – a delightful combination of Jack Daniels, fresh peaches, honey & lime juice.
And I’m pretty sure that my husband would be proud of the fact that I ordered a whiskey drink.  😉 
More cocktail favorites from our girl party were the Texas Mules and the Sangria Pops. 
What’s a Sangria Pop you, ask? Simply a glass of sangria garnished with an ice cold fruity popsicle. 🙂 
Next up: the main course! This consisted of seven different entrees for the seven of us ladies. 
Wanting to try a little bit of everything, we passed each plate around, family-style, and divvied up the goods amongst one another. 
Between the Prime Beef Short Rib Stroganoff, the Grass Fed Hanger Sliced Steak and the Grille Prime Cheeseburger, we were swimming in Del Frisco’s deliciousness.  
Smiling faces from a few of my sweet friends … because we all knew dessert was on the way! 😉 

Insert a row of heart eyes emojis here, and you have my true feelings on this delectable spread. 
I may or may not have already reached my limit by the time dessert arrived, but seeing these pretty edible concoctions in front of me, you better believe I made some room! 

When it comes to warm chocolate cake drizzled in raspberry sauce & coconut cream pie, I could be as full as can be but I’m still going to indulge. 
It’s not very often you got to try almost every dessert on the menu! 

I had so much fun laughing the night away with these ladies, while adventuring through Del Frisco’s Grille’s three course menu. 
The girl’s night was quite the success, but after taste-testing & figuring out my favorites – I can not wait to bring my husband back for a romantic dinner date for two! 
Big thank you to Del Frisco’s Grille for having us that evening! We enjoyed it more than you could ever know! 
If you live in Houston or The Woodlands and are hankering for a night out at Del Frisco’s Grille too, (& how could you not be after this post!) well I’ve got just the ticket for ya! 
I’m giving away TWO $25 gift cards to a winner & their bestie! (Or significant other, whatever works for you!)  
To enter, follow The Lone Star Looking Glass on Facebook & leave a blog post comment below telling me what dish you’d most like to try! Super simple! 
I’ll get in touch with the lucky winner (& their gift cards) on Friday, Oct. 1! Good luck! 

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