Cozy in Cashmere

It’s the middle of October, where most of you guys are living, the leaves are starting to change and the temperatures are starting to cool. Down here in Houston, we actually had our first “chilly” morning yesterday! This definitely warranted me wearing this oh so cozy cashmere poncho.   
Even it was for only an hour or two! 

One thing I particularly love about this sweater (other than its extreme softness) is the fact that it’s surprisingly lightweight. So as soon as the temps drop below 70 (yes, 70) I’m thinking that cozy poncho is going to be on heavy repeat! 
I styled it with these simple blue jeans for a casual fall weekend look. I’m also thinking it would look really cute dressed up with a black pants, heels, and a fancy updo. 
Don’t you love it when you find something that is so comfortable that can work for both laid back & fancier outfits?
Moving on to accessories for a minute…. 
The other day I read somewhere (not sure if it was a magazine, blog, or heard it on the TV….) but anyway, I “heard” someone say that your purse must always match your shoes. 
I consider myself a somewhat well informed fashionista, but I don’t think I’ve heard this “rule” so bluntly before.  Have you? 
I have so many fun & wacky purses, that it’s almost impossible for me to stick to always following this criteria.
So when I saw that this pretty crossbody bag from J. McLaughin perfectly matched my brown shoes, I couldn’t wait to test this fashion “rule.” 
And I must say, I liked it!

But I’m by no means a strict rule follower, so we’ll just have to see how many different pairs of shoes I end up pairing this leather crossbody with. 😉

If you’re  like myself and pretending it’s fall (when it sure doesn’t feel like it) then you are not alone!
{I’ve already got the house all decorated for fall & Halloween and I’m oh so ready to throw down on some pumpkin beer, bread, cider & lattes. … Not all at once, of course!}

Well the other day, I was getting into the “fall spirit” by having the most quintessential fall afternoon.  I grabbed a pumpkin spice latte (so basic) from the nearby Starbucks and walked on over to Houston’s own J.McLaughin boutique located in River Oaks. 
Apart from being surrounded by one too many palm trees, it really did feel a bit like the weather was on my side, with a nice breeze & everything. 
Which made browsing fall plaids, flannels, and sweaters all the more fun.
The bright interior was so pretty & unique, I simply had to snap some photos to share. 
Who else wishes that their living room ceiling looked this awesome!?!

From printed wrap dresses, structured slacks, cozy denim to laid back plaid button downs, J.McLaughlin has everything you would need to complete your fall wardrobe. 

With a men’s section too!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love it when my favorite places to shop offer men’s clothing. That way when I’m out shopping, it’s much easier to find something for him too.  Also, when I come home with …. maybe a little too many items for myself, my husband forgets all about it when he sees that I’ve snagged him something too. 😉

**Please note, this trick does not always work! 😉

Whether it be sweater shopping, PSL sipping, leaf pile jumping, pumpkin patch picking or what have you, I hope you are enjoying your own version of fall!
And as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

 photos by lauren beatty

  • That is a gorgeous sweater!

  • Oh goodness that sweater is everything!