How to Style Flared Jeans

Two new-“ish” trends that I can’t get enough of this fall: high-waisted denim & flares.  Combine the two into one, and you’ve got these super cute & comfortable high-waisted flared jeans.  
At first, high-waisted jeans AND flared denim can be intimidating. They are nothing like the skinny jeans we’re all so used to wearing and can be a bit tricky to style. 
Today, I’m sharing a few simple tricks on how to style the 70s inspired pants, so even the most intimidated can grab a pair and rock them too! 

Tip #1: 

Tuck In. (Or tie.) High-waisted denim looks best when the high-waist is shown off. 
Define your waist by looking for tops that can be tucked in or button downs that can be tied at the waist. Doing this will show off the slimmest part of the pants, the thighs. 
This plaid top looks just as cute tucked in, but I loved the classy Daisy Duke-ish look of having my button up tied in a bow at the waist.  Plus, sometimes, it’s easier to stay put when tied at the waist as opposed to moving around all day with a shirt tucked in. How do the guys do it!? 
Not only do structured simple tops look great tucked in, but billowy tops do too! Check out this post for another look at how to style flared denim. 

Tip #2: 

Keep it proportionate.
With the bottom half of your outfit being so large &
bulky, make sure the top portion isn’t overly frilly or boxy.  Slim button downs & silky blouses work
great, but the high-waist factor gives you room to also pair crop tops with
your flares. You’ll still look covered up & as well as oh so chic.
{I love this one, & it’s on sale too!}
I wore my flares the other day with a crop top and felt very
much like I was channeling my inner Donna from That 70s Show.  Now that the 70s are so “in,” I’m thinking
watching some re-runs (for fashion inspiration) would be a fun thing to
do.  Plus …. I just really like that

Tip #3: 
Wear comfortable chunky heels or wedges. 
I’m only 5’6″.  Let me tell you, without a pair of heels or wedges, these jeans absolutely swallowed me! Wearing a pair of heels or wedges gives me just the right amount of height that I need for the flare to fall right to the floor. 
When tucked away under flares, adding heels also make your legs look ridiculously long! My mom saw these photos before I posted them and was like “You look SO tall!!!!” 
Still the same height, mom. 🙂 
Why did I emphasize comfortable in my tip up above?
Sadly, nobody is going to see your shoes. The large flares at the bottom will cover them right up. This gives you the excuse to grab your most comfortable pair of heels or wedges, even if they slightly don’t match.  

Tip #4: 

Opt for wearing a pair of Spanx.

High-waisted jeans put all eyes on your midsection, and if you go to barre everyday and have some rock solid abs, feel free to skip this tip in its entirety. 😉 
I, on the other hand, usually do not prefer to highlight this region so much. By wearing a pair of spanx underneath, I feel less self-conscious and less like I have to “suck-in” all day, if you know what I mean! 
Y’all, I’m being honest here, I like breakfast tacos wayyyyy too much! 
Thanks to my fellow Tri Delta alum Sarah Blakely for inventing Spanx! 

Shop the look: 

And there you have it, four simple tips for styling flared jeans.

Keep in mind, these are just tips and by no means rule. Let
yourself have fun with fashion and if you feel like styling flared jeans your
own way, then go for it girl!
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photos by lauren beatty