Bandanna Blues

It’s Monday morning … and one coming right after a bachelorette weekend away in Nashville too. 
It’s safe to say that I have the Monday Blues: 100%.
And that … I’m a wee bit tired at the moment!  More coffee please! 
So, what better way to cure the blues than with a
blue {& black} hued fall outfit post?

Since I’ve been living in Texas, I’ve somewhat been going
out of my way to embrace the “cowgirl” culture here – cowgirl inspired fashion, that is. 
(I haven’t quite gotten the whole horse riding on the regular
thing down yet…but not because I don’t want to!)
I’ve always loved anything southwestern inspired: turquoise
jewelry, rancher hats & cowboy boots for example. So when I recently stumbled upon ROARKE, the makers of
these exquisite scarf necklaces, I knew that this was a new accessory trend I simply had to try.

Especially this “Cowgirl Bandanna” in particular. 

For being such a statement piece, I’ve found myself styling this beaded bandanna so
many different ways. I’ve been wearing it much more than I ever thought.
I love the way it looks with chambray tops, solid dresses,
and even simple t-shirts.

rodeo season, I may not even take it off! 😉 

For this look, I chose an all-black ensemble to make the scarf necklace pop even more.  
Had to pair it with
a matching blue purse too, for good measure. 

This whole outfit is a tad on the edgier side for me. (Anything with OTK boots seems to be in my opinion.) But I love how easy, comfortable & simple it is – all the while looking edgy, trendy & a bit of cowgirl chic at the same time ha.

If you have been following along on Instagram lately, you
may have seen a bit of what I was up to in Nashville this past weekend.  It was 
a weekend for the books, celebrating my sister-in-law with the most epic
of bachelorette parties. So much good food, a trolley ride to a vineyard,
bluegrass dancing, bonfires and partying until well into the night, two nights
in a row.  (so tired now y’all!)
Nashville is one of my favorite cities in the entire
country, so it was so wonderful to be back and get a taste of Tennessee
again.  While I do love my adopted state
of Texas, I sure do miss Tennessee sometimes. 
The fall foliage, hot chicken, bluegrass & country music from last weekend will
just have to hold me over until the next visit.  J

What’s your favorite US city to visit? I love adding new travel destinations to  my bucket list, that’s for sure! 
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

photos by lauren beatty