Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Foodie

Today’s post starts a series of holiday gift guides that I’ll be sharing with y’all throughout the next several weeks. 
While naturally we’re thinking about Christmas presents when we see these fun & colorful gift guides pop up, I thought I would get this “Gifts for the Foodie” guide out early!

After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday too! (and is just right around the corner.)

And any of these pretties below would absolutely make your Thanksgiving {holiday} hostess feel the MOSTest! 
Holiday gift guide for the foodie, holiday gift guide for the chef, holiday gift guide for the one who loves to cook
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While I handpicked everything in this guide because I think they’d make for extra-special gifts, there are a few I feel the need to call out …. aka they are EXTRA special.

1. Capresso Coffee Team Coffee Maker: Patrick and I just upgraded to this coffee pot from the one we got for our wedding years ago.  This coffee pot GRINDS. THE. BEANS. FOR. YOU. We fill the top canister with half a bag of coffee beans, and don’t have to refill this thing again for at least a week.  Saves us a lot of prep time!

{while we’re on the subject of coffee, who else is obsessed with the HEB San Antonio blend?! … We can not get enough!} 
2. Garlic Peeler: Oh em gee. How have I lived years & years without this $7 kitchen tool in my life. Literally pop a garlic clove in here, roll it on your counter and all of the gross shell stuff comes right off. No peeling yourself = no garlic-y smelling fingers for days afterwards!
3. Le Creuset Tea Kettle: Works just as great as any other tea kettle I’m sure, but I just adore the way it looks sitting on our stovetop everyday.  Tea kettle + home decor item in one. 
4. Anthropologie Nut Bowls: These tiny little bowls are great for small snacks, dips, & well, nuts! Pair it with a homemade batch of something savory for an oh-so cute gift!
5. Avocado Knife: You were probably wondering what this was when you first saw the gift guide, weren’t you? Well, my friends, it’s an all-in-one avocado slicer, pitter & peeler. If you like to make guacamole as much as I do, this is for you! (Or for your loved one … who also happens to love guac!) 
Can you believe we are getting a little more than a month away from Christmas!? Do you guys like to plan ahead and buy all of your gifts far in advance, or you a more last minute deal finder shopper? I’d have to say I’m a mixture. But it does feel sooooo good to get it out of the way early so you can enjoy the season without fretting. 🙂 
Stay tuned for gifts for Him, Her, Mom, the Traveler, the Home, the Techie, & more!