Snap Happy Skirting

I absolutely love the feminine look of a wrapped A-line skirt.  

These are the types of skirts that NEVER go out of style, that you can repeat year after year & season after season.

Today I’m teaming up with Nashville designer Kayce Hughes to talk about skirts, cameras and pears + bears. (but more on that in a bit!) 

You’ve heard the story about how Lilly Pulitzer got her start by making fun printed dresses to disguise the stains from her juice stand. Her colorful prints quickly turned into the empire that is Lilly Pulitzer today.

Well, Kayce Hughes has a pretty similar story too. 🙂 
Which is no surprise, because Lilly Pulitzer is in fact Kayce Hughes’ aunt.  (Coolest aunt ever!!) 
Kayce began creating her own designs when she turned vintage fabrics into nightshirts for her own children. (She has 7!) They were so popular that she started her own clothing label for them, calling it Pears + Bears. (Adorable.)
Flash forward some years later, Kayce Hughes self named label includes over 200 pieces for women & children.
While the children’s pieces are oh-so adorable.  I don’t have any little wee ones in my life to dress at the moment.  
So I’m sharing one of my favorite pieces from her women’s line today. 
Aka the most adorable printed skirt I ever did see! 
For one, this skirt is dotted in tiny little cameras.  Being a blogger and all, I have a thing with cameras. Whether it’s in front or behind, I can’t get enough! (Especially now that my new Canon Rebel has entered my life … time to take ALL the photos!) 
It’s fun when you find a piece of clothing with a print or design that reflects or hobbies and/or passions.  It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve (or your skirt) so to speak. 
This skirt comes in a wrap style, so you can adjust the tie at the waist however you like. 

Another plus: pockets!

Let’s pause for a moment here to thank the pocket trend for being sooooo good these past few years. I feel like all of my favorite dresses come with pockets these days.  And it’s amazing. 

I dressed this little number up with a simple chambray shirt and accessorized with shoes, heels & a scarf all from the same color family.
For the holidays, this skirt could easily be paired with a black silk top and sparkly jewelry.  I’m also envisioning white tanks & white crops tops come summer! It’s definitely a piece that can be worn year round. 
For you early bird Black Friday shoppers, you can use the code “lookingglass” for 20% off anything from  There’s so many fun pieces for you, your little one, your home as well as adorable gifts for anyone on your list!
Happy shopping, y’all! 
On another note …. TOMORROW is Thanksgiving! Thanks to the weatherman, we’re postponing our camping trip (*TEAR*) but we have plans to try it again in a few months.  Patrick and I are now posting up for a stay-cation spent at home.  I have a feeling there will be lots of food & movie marathons in my future. Plus a lot of good books I need to finish reading too!
Who else starts a book and never seems to find the time to finish it?! (Unless it’s … you know.. reallllllly good!) 
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving! 
Black Friday sales coming soon y’all! 
photos by lauren beatty