A Look Back on 2015

So a recap on 2015? Where to even begin! 
For my husband and I, 2015 was one of those years where allllot happened but nothing so major or milestone-ish that we will always *remember* it by.  Which is a good thing! I’m so thankful that my family was in great health all year, nothing terribly catastrophic happened, I got a new job at a fabulous company, Patrick & I were able to explore even more of our new state of Texas and I was able to fit in a whole lot of free time working on this little blog of mine! 
It was a very very great year.  I would say more laid back & relaxing than most.  We didn’t plan a wedding & we didn’t move halfway across the country! I think it took the entire year of 2014 to recover from those big changes in 2013. 

I’m one of the biggest travel buffs you’ll ever meet – but I hardly get to adventure as often as I wish. {Crossing my fingers that’s going to change in 2016!} Our big trip to Marfa & Big Bend was by far a highlight of our year. It was our first big vacation since our Honeymoon to Italy and boy these two trips were oh-so different! But both totally amazing. Exploring the outdoors is my favorite thing in the world to do, and the Texas “wilderness”did not disappoint!

We also went to Rosemary Beach, Austin, NOLA & back to visit friends & fam in our old stomping grounds of Knoxville, Tennessee. Patrick did Vegas for a bachelor party & I went river rafting for one and honkey tonk dancing in Nashville for another one. Then we went back to my hometown of Memphis to see my best friend say I do! Hey, I suppose we did actually travel a lot this year, now that I look back!

OH and how I could I forget this huge milestone of 2015?!?! Our puppy Marigold!

I suppose it seams like we’ve had her for much longer than a year because she now weighs 50 pounds! If only she was still as small as her little nugget-self in the photo above. 🙂

The Lone Star Looking Glass had a very exciting year too! This time last year, I was lucky if I got two posts up a week.  I was begging friends & my lovely husband to take photos for me in their spare time. They always obliged but I hated inconveniencing them, even if they said I wasn’t.

It wasn’t until I started to take my passion for blogging more seriously and teamed up with Lauren Beatty (the sweetest/most talented girl/photographer ever!) that I noticed a change in the direction of this little blog of mine. With more planning, attention to detail and “curating” what I wanted to share the most – the page-views started increasing, people starting responding & really caring and it still blows my mind!!

Thanks to YOU amazing readers I have been able to pour my heart & soul into The Lone Star Looking Glass.  It has become my little piece of the internet where I can share my love of fashion and the regular 20-somethings adventures with you all!

Now to do a bit of a fashion recap of 2015, shall we?

Spring 2015 
The above photos is a pretty good representation of my overall closet. Lots of white tops & white lacey garments!  (It’s my weakness.)  

 Summer 2015
I must have realized everything I was posting was white or had white lace in it.  So it looks like this summer is when I started exploring bright colors & prints.  It’s what summertime is for, right? 
Fall 2015

Enter fall, a basic girl’s most favorite season. Fall in Houston is tricky, it’s still super hot outside.  I combatted this by dressing in darker colors with hints of lightweight fall textures. 
Winter 2015

Winter may have officially started on December 21st, but it didn’t actually feel like winter until Monday! There were a fare few days thrown in here & there that had cold fronts. But needless to say, when styling these pretty party dresses for the blog I absolutely did not need a jacket!  Today however, I’m wrapped in a cozy snuggly plaid while wearing UGGs. 🙂  Plaid is one of my favorite things about fall & winter and I had so much fun styling & layering plaid in many different ways.  From blanket scarves, plaid shirts, to blanket faux-fur trimmed wraps – I’m glad I don’t have to stop wearing plaid anytime soon! 
I’m looking forward to seeing what new trends make their way into 2016 and whether or not I pick them up (and how I style them if I do!) Fashion is ever changing, which means The Lone Star Looking Glass will be too! My goals for this blog in 2016 are to keep the bones of it how it currently is – but to mix in more lifestyle & travel. After all, travel & lifestyle posts are my favorite to write, so I’m curious if they’re your favorite to read as well? I’m also hoping to work with a graphic designer and streamline the look of everything.  What you’re looking at I mostly pulled together & did myself. And I am NO graphic designer! So I’m very excited for these fun changes! 
If you could pretty please fill out this brief survey of your thoughts on The Lone Star Looking Glass, it would help this girl out so much in 2016! 

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Thanks again you guys for always stopping by the blog, leaving your love in the comments & on my instagram.  Looking forward to a fashionable filled 2016 with you all!

  • Taking good photos makes such a difference. Your fashion photos are great and all your travels sound fun.

  • Love how your blog has evolved! You've done a great job, can't wait to see what 2016 holds for you!


  • Your blog was one of the first Houston blogs I found right before we moved here earlier this year, and I've loved reading along! Happy New Year!

  • In LOVE with that blue tie-dye cardigan! It's so darling.