All Dressed Up with Nowhere To Go

Hello there fun flowy floral dress! 
This is one of those dresses that you have hanging in your closet that you go out of your way to make an excuse to wear it. 

Why, Patrick did you know that we have plans this Friday to go out to dinner & then go dancing afterwards?  
Just so I can wear this dress ….. 😉
Only kidding! We aren’t doing that on Friday. But … I wish we were! 
And if so, I would wear this adorable Ruthie Grace Boutique Dress out for sure.

Ruthie Grace Boutique is an adorable trendy boutique located in Montgomery, Texas – just north of Houston.  Like most small boutiques these days, Ruthie Grace is killing it on Instagram
If you’re in Houston & aren’t too keen on leaving your little bubble for the trek north to the boutique, simply shop your heart away via RunShip on insta!
If you live in New York, Alaska, Florida, Tennessee, or California (or anywhere really) you can still shop this cutely curated boutique from the comfort of your home & iPhone. 
Here are the deets on the dress I’m wearing today!

A black velvet floral dress such as this one naturally calls for black accessories.

Have I mentioned to you guys how much these Boohoo heels resemble the pricier Steve Madden skinny heels?

These heels are much cheaper too!

ruthie grace boutique dress c/o // francesca’s floppy hat // true religion fringe bag c/o // boohoo barely there heels c/o

Something I hear all the time from my friends (and my husband) is that I’m always so dressed up. 
First of all, I do dabble in fashion blogging. 😛 
Second of all, what is the point of buying dresses if you only wear them once or twice!? I’m a firm believer in wearing everything I’ve got in my closet whenever I can. Whether it be a pretty dress to Sunday brunch, or heels and a dress to a weeknight happy hour.
If you’re a sucker of pretty dresses (like myself) it’s sometimes hard to make yourself actually wear them when you’d much rather be in jeans! But forcing yourself to rock them even for the most “mundane” of occasions is what I think makes fashion (& life) more fun. 
So let’s get dressed up for the smallest of reasons this holiday, what do you say!?
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
photos by lauren beatty