Weekend Casual

On the weekends (and days I don’t feel like getting all
dressed up for work), I basically LIVE in plaid button downs and comfy jeans.
It’s my ideal outfit – I look pulled together while feeling
as comfortable as can be.

Today’s look comes to you from my favorite denim designer –
True Religion.

We all know True Religion
makes realllly great jeans, (hello classy distressed denim!) but I’ve recently fallen head over heels for their
tops too!

This little plaid number is so easy to throw on for almost
any occasion: running errands, a casual night with friends, a binge watching “Making
a Murderer” date  – you name it & I
will wear it there! 

If you’re an avid reader of The Lone Star Looking Glass, you
may have heard me mention a time or two how I don’t like to leave the house
without wearing at least 3 pieces.
For example: a top/bottom + accessory or a dress + 2

Even when I’m as casual as can be in a simple top &
jeans, I still try to stick with my imaginary “rule.”  Doing so always makes me feel that much more pulled

For this easy peasy weekend look, I accessorized with a
black wristwatch, a black fringe purse & black stackable rings.  All matching my ever so comfortable black smoking flats.
& I just realized I have probably said the word (or
alluded to the word) comfortable like 5 times in this post!  Maybe it’s because I’m writing this early in
the morning after staying up late binge watching “Making a Murderer.”  (2nd reference in one post.)

Patrick and I gave into all the hype and we are now ADDICTED. 5 episodes in y’all,
and all I can think about is leaving my office at 5pm today and returning to
our comfortable couch to see what happens next! 

This look is my go-to for a weekend day filled with no plans
– because you never know when something’s going to pop up & you want to be
dressed your weekend best! 😉
Do you have a go-to wear-anywhere-casual look that you
repeat over & over too? Tell me I’m not alone!
Wishing y’all a great Wednesday! 
photos by lauren beatty

  • Love this look!! Gorgeous as always!

  • This is really a wonderful post.