One Dress – Four Ways

I’m doing a little something different this Friday morning. 
Instead of bringing y’all one look, I’m mixing things up and sharing four! 
Today, I’ve teamed up with KIT, a super unique clothing company (more on that later), to share four different ways to style their made-to-order black shirt dress.


When you usually hear “made-to-order,” you think of a pizza or something like that right? You call in, you order it and they make it from scratch for you.

This pretty black shirt dress of mine is no different, my friends!

I love this quote that I found on KIT’s website: “Women come in lots of shapes and sizes. Dresses don’t.”

Too true!

KIT makes their dresses in over 45 different fits, with each and every one tailored specifically to your body type.

When ordering, you fill out a very detailed “fit profile.” No measurements or photos involved, just quite a few, very simple questions.

The results, a black shirt dress that fits ya everywhere!

I’m sharing more details on that at the bottom of in the post, in the meantime, follow along for four different ways I dressed up this little black dress.

booties // scarf (similar for summer) // bucket bag // sunnies // floppy hat
 For Play: 
We all “play” in floppy hats and ruffled booties right? I dressed this look up for an occasion such as Sunday brunch with the girls or playing tourist with mom in the city. Comfy chic booties, a matching hat and a scarf to finish it off makes it a look for anything that might come your way. 
flats // jacket // sunnies // crossbody
For Home:
Okay … so I probably wouldn’t lounge around all day long on the couch in this particular outfit. It deserves to be seen! But what I mean by home is that this is an easy peasy “looking good” Saturday outfit for when you have zero plans.  Running to Target, impromptu pub crawl, visiting a friend’s house for the afternoon = outfit perfection. 
vest (similar option) // necklace // heels // bucket bag // cuff
 For Work:

I have been living in this draped vest all fall and winter long! Now that it’s borderline spring, I’m having fun throwing it on over all of my dresses. I love the way it looks with my KIT shirt dress, and the pops of gold jewelry tie it all together. 
I work in fashion marketing, so needless to say – I really enjoy the getting dressed for work part of the job. It’s so much fun working with like-minded fashionista’s, we’re always commenting on each other’s outfits!   
For A Night Out:
I actually would wear this look to work too, but I love the way the statement necklace, the heels and the pop of pink really dress up this shirt dress.  Say if Patrick were to take me out to a fancy schmancy restaurant, or if we were headed to the Hobby Center for a play, this would be the perfect look! 

Okay, so here’s what I was talking about earlier – what I meant when I said that this KIT dress fits perfectly, everywhere:

With most button downs, I wear a size small but……my chest could easily call for a medium.  Who else hates that extra space in between the buttons in the chest in their button downs? I know I’m not the only one!

With KIT, I made note of that, which resulted in the most perfectly fitted chest in any button down I’ve ever worn.

I also asked for some extra room in the upper arms, this way I could actually raise my hands in the air with no restrictions.

What do you say we all raise our hands in the air because it’s FRIDAY!!!! Can’t wait to sit by our new chiminea in the back yard all weekend long! Hope you all have a fun one too!
photos by lauren beatty
*this post was sponsored by KIT – all opinions are my own. PS: check out the KIT blog for a familiar face! 🙂 

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