Ruffles & Rainbows

Yeehaw! It’s another rodeo inspired post for you all!
Actually, I just really liked how this dress looked with boots. 
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Along with my recent Free People binge came this high neck, open back mini dress. 
It’s like a cross between something Winifred Foster would have worn in Tuck Everlasting & a lightweight lace nightgown. 
Needless to say, I love it. 

It’s one of those dresses that is easy to throw on, looks great with almost any shoe style & best yet, it’s super comfortable!

I dressed this pretty lace frock up with leather tassel earrings, a funky clutch, and my black and brown Cavender’s boots!

Having a pair of predominantly black cowboy boots has been a game changer for me.  They go with so much more in my closet than I ever thought they would.  I love this pair because it also has a hint of brown, making it easy to style with both black & brown. 

For this look, I didn’t want my boots to clash too much with this tassel clutch.
You’ve gotta have tassels when you’re going to the rodeo! Or at least … when you’re dressed like you’re going to the rodeo! 

My perfectly named Angel Dress runs true to size. (comes in 3 colors!) It’s pretty sheer, so I’d recommend a slip or nude undergarments. And with the open back, a standard bandeau works perfectly.   

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Just three more weeks until I can actually kick my boots to some country tunes, chow down on a corn dog & watch some horses barrel race. 
Tennessee friends, you know you want to come visit us for rodeo riiiiight?! 
For those of you fortunate enough to have today off of work, I’m completely jealous! I’m finishing up this post with a cup of coffee and in my PJs, about to rush & get ready for a busy day at the office! But I have a belated Valentine’s Day present to look forward to when I got home. Patrick’s off today and says he’s getting us a fire pit!! I’ve been wanting one for YEARS and we’re finally doing it. Can’t wait to smell like a campfire tonight. For real! 
Have a great start to your Monday everyone! Thanks for stopping by the blog. 
photos by lauren beatty

  • I totally just laughed out loud to that Tuck Everlasting reference! I don't think I've heard mention of that since I read it in the 8th grade, ha!

    And I'm SO jealous of the fire pit, I love those things!!

  • Fabulous background to shoot against! That's a great white lace dress, love the detail and the gorgeous back!

    Xo Ally

  • Oh my goodness I am in love with this dress!!! Gimme gimme lol

  • twinsies!! I have that dress!! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    The boots are seriously cool