Spring Break Calling

Hello there blog friends!
You may have noticed from my Instagram, but I’ve been in Palm Springs for work all week! I had every intention of getting 2-3 posts out last week. But I never dreamed how swamped I would be with the conference I was attending.
Plus, every free second that I found, I made sure I used it to it’s full extent by exploring Palm Springs.
So without further ado, here is a Sunday blog post for ya (that was meant for … last Wednesday. Oops!) 
Shop the Look:

With spring quite literally right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about spring break! 
(And I mean spring break attire, naturally.) 
This tropical printed, open-back Everly dress is spring break perfection! It’s definitely a summery dress, so in order to break it out so early: one must head to some place tropical come spring! 
Or just not care what anyone thinks about how you dress inappropriately for the current season. 
Here’s a fun story: we shot these photos at The Biscuit Paint Wall (a new fav spot of mine.) And I’m not going to lie, it was a bit chilly that morning! 

Usually when I meet up with my photographer to do blog photos, we cram about 4 outfits into one shoot. This one happened to be the last outfit of the morning, so I didn’t want to change before I headed home.

What I did want to do before I headed home though … was run into Kroger to grab a frozen pizza! 
I got quite a few awkward stares on that chilly morning, while waltzing through Kroger in summer sandals and a tropical printed open-back dress when it was about 50 degrees out.
Life of a blogger I suppose! 🙂 

But back to the fashion. 
I’ve jumped on the whole purse matching your shoes bandwagon thing.  And I’m digging the way my tooled leather crossbody goes so well with my fran clog sandals (which are conveniently on sale for only $39!)

Shop the Look:

Unless you’re a teacher or a student, you don’t really get the “real” spring break that we all loved so much growing up.  But oddly enough, since Patrick and I have been married, spring is the time of year when we ironically plan our big “family” trip! 
I guess it’s because by that point we’re over the cold and want something to look forward to? Hotel rates are also cheaper, and destinations are usually a lot less crowded. So there’s that too! 
Before I knew I was going to be traveling to Palm Springs for work, we toyed with the idea of going to San Francisco and Big Sur. We’re tentatively planning a trip for late April! If you’ve ever been to either, I’d love some recommendations! This Sunday afternoon I’m going to be immersing myself into full on trip planning mode.  

Aka my favorite hobby.

Thanks for following along the blog, and sorry for my wee bit of an absence this week! A big Palm Springs travel post is coming your way to thank you for your patience! 
photos by lauren beatty

  • What a gorgeous dress! I love the print and that sexy back detail!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  • Ann

    Beautiful dress! Would you mind telling me what size you purchased this in?

    • Thanks girl! I am wearing a size small. I will say, it actually runs a bit big for a small. I think if I had the option I would probably have sized down. Hope that helps! Xo!

    • Ann

      Yes thanks a bunch Alice! I ordered the small, hopefully it arrives in time for my sons birthday party : )

  • Obsessed with your outfits girl!

    Xx Taylor