Sunday Football in America

In honor of, well the super bowl, here’s a football themed blog post for ya!

A few weeks ago, Patrick and I went to our very first Texans game!

We invited my friend Melanie & her husband and decided to have our very own brunch tailgate.

Our tailgate was super last minute, by turned out perfect. So I’m sharing a peek into our day with the NFL as well as a few tips on how to throw your own last minute tailgate.

my football style: red cowboy boots // blue jeans // gray poncho

Patrick and I consider ourselves pretty decent tailgaters. Boy did we “show up” in college with our epic house party tailgates back in the day. Those were the glory days, when our tailgates consisted of 30 of our closest friends, beer pong, all the junk food you could imagine and so much orange that you couldn’t possibly see any other colors.  Plus, being able to walk from our very own tailgates straight to the football games then walk back to our homes for bed was pretty fantastic.

There’s nothing quite like a Fall Saturday in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Now that we’re adults, and far far away from our dear alma mater, The University of Tennessee … our tailgates are bit different these days.

For one, we’re cheering on the Texans. (We decided we’re newly adopted fans.)

And for two, we now tailgate out of a car, as opposed to a house down the street.

Did I mention this brunch tailgate of ours was all very last minute?

Last minute it may have been, we threw everything together for the perfect morning tailgate.

Fear not, anybody can throw together a fun & tasty brunch tailgate at the last minute – with the bare necessities below.

1. Seating.
Grab whatever chairs you have and throw them in the car. A card table is a bonus. Lucky for us, we had a few folding chairs & probably a 50 year old card table in our garage. (Hence the out of place floral tablecloth … that the girls thought was totally cute … not so much the guys.)

2. Food.
I threw together my favorite recipe for sausage cheese balls, Melanie brought delicious pigs in a blanket. I grabbed some cinnamon roles pre-made from Kroger, and a bag of gold fish for good measure and we were good to go!

(serious concentration here)

3. Drinks.
Mimosas are a given for a brunch tailgate. Our fun Govino champagne glasses made us feel that much fancier too. For some reason guys are okay with drinking beer really early in the morning. We watched them do so while we sipped our spiked OJ. 🙂

4. Not necessities but these particular things make tailgates a whole lot more fun: a portable speaker (for your country tailgate spotify playlist), a trash bag (it realllly stinks when you forget to pack one!), and a football. (so you can channel your inner QB while waiting for the game to start.)

After much munching, sipping and hanging out, it was time to pack up our tailgate and head into NRG Stadium. 
I’ve only ever been to NRG before for the Houston Rodeo … so walking in and seeing what it was built for – an NFL football field – was pretty mind blowing! 
So strange not to see a bunch of dirt, horses and a rodeo’s famous rotating center stage.  
But nevertheless, this was a nice change! I sat back, relaxed and watched JJ Watt kick some butt! 

Showing my support for the team in my red cowboy boots & a red crossbody of course.

Red, white & blue sports teams sure are easy to dress for!

Selfie with my main squeeze! Thanks for the photo bomb lady behind us! LOL! 

Our seats were unreal, which made watching the game that much more fun.  AND the Texans won, so everybody left in a good mood. 🙂 
Anywho, the Super Bowl JUST started! Who else is watching!? What did y’all think of Lady Gaga’s eyeshadow and nail polish!? Very, #AMERICA! of her. 
Hope you all have a fun Sunday night watching the ball game. Or the half time show. or not watching it at all. Whatever floats your boat! 
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! 

  • Tailgates are so much fun to plan and put together! We are Buckeyes fans, so we always have Buckeyes to hand out and eat ourselves!! Love the mimosas and those cheese balls seem yummy!

  • I'm not a fan of football but I love the tailgating aspect of it!

  • I absolutely love your outfit! Those boots are perfect.

  • This is exactly how our tailgates look like for MLB games #noshame. I agree though, nothing like college gameday tailgating!