Walking with Goldens

We have been getting SO lucky with the weather lately in Houston.

Sorry rest of the country, really, I am!

Patrick and I have been making more and more of an effort to force ourselves out of the house and to get out and enjoy this pretty “winter” weather. 
Just last weekend, the two of us headed to Buffalo Bayou Park right smack dab in the middle of Houston, and judging by the number of people out, and the volley ball players in the photo below – you would have thought it was mid-summer!

More of what we were up to:

With two rambunctious golden retrievers, it is really really hard to actually get out and take them places.

Gone are the days of sitting on restaurant patios with our dog.  Because now that we have two, a feat such as this would be almost impossible.

These two cuties of ours are as hyper as can be! And they want to be best friends with every single person that they meet.

Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a difficult thing to manage at times.

We take Lily (the lighter one) & Marigold (the darker one) to the big dog park nearby quite frequently.  But we hardly ever take them out for much bigger adventures outside of the neighborhood. 
Which is why I just had to bring the camera along for this one! 

Oh just two goldens exploring nature.

And then trying to eat it.
Normal every day stuff. 🙂 
Patrick and I spent a good hour or so walking the trails of Buffalo Bayou Park, enjoying the skyline view and the bayou. 

There was just enough chill in the air to warrant a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt.  I love love love this one (The Janelle Water) from Evy’s Tree! I threw a tank on underneath and felt as comfortable as can be that 65 degree slightly windy day.

Lily was feeling pretty good too in her cute white coat. 

One more picture of my hoodie … because this is a fashion blog after all.

(Ps: this runs a little big, if you’re looking for a looser fit, I’d order your true size. If not, try sizing down.)

One thing I particularly love the most about this park right in the middle of Houston, is that you never truly forget that you are just hanging out … right in the middle of the fourth largest city in the United States.

The park is always teeming with people, the skyline view is unbelievable, plus there are overpasses almost everywhere that remind you of the bustling traffic above.

The contrast between the quiet nature and the mega-city vibe is so unique!

Which makes it all the more fun that you find random signs like this one, reminding you to take a moment and “pause” from all of the hustle & bustle.

Houston, you sure are pretty!
Let’s keep this warm weather around for a while, shall we? 
Hope everyone is having a fun Valentine’s Day weekend! Get out and enjoy the warm weather if you’ve got it!