Head Over(all) Heels

Overall, I think I’ve jumped on the overall bandwagon. 
Maybe it’s my Tennessee roots showing? 
Today I’m talking all about how to dress up a pair of overalls. I’m also sharing details on a fun event here in Houston this weekend that you do not want to miss! 

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I’m proud to say, I rocked a pair of oshkosh b’gosh overalls in my youth.  Pretty sure mine were bright pink though.  Totally on trend for a 3-year-old, right?
Twenty five years later, overalls are popping up all over the pages of fashion magazines. Remembering how comfortable they were in my youth, plus I was just plain intrigued, I couldn’t wait to try this trend out for myself. 
Not going to lie here, this is my THIRD pair of overalls in the past six months.  Let me tell you about a situation where online shopping went a bit … wrong. 
Not wanting to splurge on this new trend, I ordered a pair of short overalls from Forever 21. Hey they were only $20 what did I have to lose!
Well, with that pair … I did in fact look like a legitiment 3-year-old. Patrick lovingly suggested I do not leave the house in them. Ba! So they were returned. 
Second pair: I ordered a pair from Urban Outfitters on sale this December. The model in the picture looked so cute wearing them. How could they have possibly gone wrong?
False.  The actual bottom/jean portion of these overalls were like SUPER SUPER skinny jeans. They were so tight at the bottom and loose at the top, “overall” they didn’t seem to make any sense. 
So those were returned as well. 
Now let me tell you about my third and final pair
My third and final pair (which I plan to keep in my closet for the next 30 years +) are these distressed denim overalls from True Religion. 
Every single thing that I wanted in a pair of overalls, these have.  The boyfriend jean cut, the skinny straps at the back, side buttons making them easier to get on and off, plus a touch of distressing for good measure. 
I could go on all day…..
When dressing up a pair of overalls, it’s important to bring out feminine details in your outfit whether it be in your top, your crossbody bag or your shoes.
I chose a pair of faux snake skin strappy heels (25% off with the code LSLG25) and a simple but fitted white tee. 

Another way to dress up a pair of overalls, which I plan to do very soon, is by pairing your denim with a lacy super feminine top and flats (or heels.)

The girly touch of lace will makes your outfit look anything but “farmer.”

tee // overalls c/o // snake heels c/o // sunglasses // coach crossbody c/o // watch c/o // bracelet 
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Now that I’m back from pretty much two straight weeks of traveling, I plan to be posting more regularly to this little blog of mine.  Thanks for following along on Instagram in the meantime!  
I have about ten billion pictures of my trip to Palm Springs and my girls cruise vaca to go through, which I can’t wait to share with you all! 
In the meantime, it’s so good to be home with Patrick and our pups! PS: Who else has watched the Downton finale?! We watched it last night and I was in happy tears pretty much the entire time. I can not believe it’s over! 
OH and HOUSTON FRIENDS,  I’ll be co-hosting a spring shopping party at Macy’s in Memorial City Mall this weekend with two other fabulous bloggers, Emily of The Sweetest Thing and Destiny of Truly Destiny.   If you plan to come by, make an appointment to meet me with Ashley at ashley.erwin@macys.com. I am so excited to see all of you in person this weekend! And talk fashion, duh! 
All the details are in the flyer below: 
Thanks for stopping by the blog!
photos by lauren beatty

  • You completely pull them off! Overalls are similar to rompers for me… I look like a giant baby in a diaper haha!

  • Super cute outfit. I love this style 🙂

  • I lived through the overalls trend the first time around. While I'm not sure I could pull them off again, you're definitely rockin' them!

  • These are gorgeous on you! You can definitely pull it off. Best of luck with the event this weekend! Wish I could be there 🙁

  • I love this look on you!
    I don't think I could ever get on board with this trend but I love seeing people like you rock them.

    xoxo, Jenny