Palm Springs: Norma’s at The Parker

Hola from Palm Springs! 
JK, I’ve been back in Houston for well over two weeks now. 
But after going through all of these fun photos, I feel like Palm Springs was just yesterday. 

For a peek into my trip, to hear about why we went, and to see my favorite lunch spot of all …..

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I flew halfway across the country to Palm Springs, California with seven others from our marketing team to attend an e-commerce retail marketing conference. After just transitioning to a new marketing position, this conference couldn’t have come at a better time! 
We went to seminars to help refine our skills, listened to speakers who taught us new skills & had a whole lot of team bonding along the way! 
And in our free team? You better believe we explored every inch we could of this desert oasis! 
Starting on the first day with dinner at the Parker hotel.  
This super modern boutique hotel was designed by Jonathan Adler himself.  Not one detail of every little nook and cranny was left untouched. 
Which made for a whole lot of photo ops!
Who else recognizes this lobby from Instagram? Probably the most insta-famous lobby I’ve ever been visited.
The back half of the lobby isn’t quite as insta-famous as the front, but just as quirky and interesting as you could ever imagine. 
While walking through the Parker to have lunch in their restaurant, Norma’s, I couldn’t help feeling like Megan Draper a la Mad Men season 4 & 5.

While I wanted to explore absolutely every single thing (because duh) my belly was growling!

We had all woken up in Houston at the absolute crack of dawn, one long flight and a two hour bus ride later with still no lunch … our minds were on food.

Thankfully, Norma’s cherry decor, precious tablecloths, & quirky salt & pepper shakers distracted me for a just a bit longer.
Oh and the complimentary smoothie/palette cleanser appetizer. 😉 
Seafood was on our minds so shrimp quesadillas & lobster mango salads were the answer. 
Oh, and mojitos too. 
Be sure to order a mojito if you find yourself at Norma’s
Also, be sure to find yourself a seat on the most colorful outdoor patio (of all time.) 
We showed up a wee bit too late to snag a table out there, but just walking past and glancing at it was enough for me! 

The nice thing about the Parker hotel, is that it allows guests and visitors alike free-range across the property. If you pop in for lunch, you’re welcome to browse the grounds and have a drink at the poolside bar.

The landscape and scenery was everything you’d expect to find in a posh desert oasis. 
Which of course called for an outfit photo! 
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I wore one of my favorite bright blue midi skirts paired with a cream crop top. (Little did I know that my crop top matched the exterior of the Parker perfectly!)  My Swedish Hasbeens are the best heels for traveling, as they don’t kill my feet after walking a bit more than usual. 
And my Wyatt Satchel from Henri Bendel, shout out from the rooftops how much I love this bag! The neutral color goes with basically everything, it’s lightweight, holds my clunky camera and has enough space to fill it with all my traveling goodies. 

We finished off our afternoon at the Parker and Norma’s with a quick photo in front of one of the pretty buildings on the Parker’s property.  It’s so much fun when you can bond with your co-workers outside of work! It definitely makes the day to day grind of the office 100x better. 
More Palm Springs goodness to come soon! In the meantime, I’m being a typical 20-something girl and watching the bachelor finale … as I type this. This is the second ever episode of the bachelore/ette I’ve ever seen … and I’m super intrigued. But don’t worry, after that I’ll probably bury myself in a historical fiction novel, per usual. 
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
photos by lauren beatty