Tennessee Orange

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

While I’m 50% Irish (and I secretly wish that I LIVED in Ireland), I have to say that I am simply shocked that I’m blogging about the color orange on a day when everything should be green.
That’s the way the cookie crumbles this week I suppose!
But orange is just as important a color (in my opinion) than green.  Orange is the color of my alma mater – the University of Tennessee! And this orange checkered skirt is extra special for that reason … and a few more.


Tennessee orange … Okay, mayyybe this gingham skirt isn’t quite as bright as the legit Tennessee “orange.” BUT Tennessee is known for its orange and white checkered end zones, which makes this skirt absolute perfection for a Tennessee football game.
Plus, this skirt actually comes from Tennessee! It’s from the cutest Nashville-based Five Sparrows Boutique.  Everything is seriously adorable, and all under $50 too!
I found out about Five Sparrows Boutique through my “Instagram friend” and fellow blogger Greta Hollar. She lives in Nash, and her blog is adorable. It’s so fun when you can connect with other bloggers outside of Instagram. Greta, next time I’m in Nashville we’re grabbing a coffee! 

I love pairing midi skirts with crop tops, especially this one from Flora + Mia.  I also think this skirt would also look oh-so cute with a chambray button down or an off the shoulder top.  Like these pretties below:

At first I paired this skirt with brown sandals and it just didn’t mesh too well with the bright orange.  I liked the way the black shoes and bag popped against the neon orange.  The brightness of the orange doesn’t make it look Halloween-ish at all, which I was kind of worried about for a second. 

Circling back to St. Patrick’s Day, did you know that orange is also one of Ireland’s colors? The Irish flag is green, orange and white. #FunFact

I might just add a green necklace or a shamrock pin to this look and wear it to the pub tonight! How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!? 
photos by lauren beatty