How to Wear Vintage Today

You might be familiar with Kate Spade’s quote, “Playing dress-up begins at age five, and never truly ends.” 
Kate, I wholeheartedly agree with you. 
Two weeks ago I hosted a Saturday brunch shopping party at Cheeky Vintage, the cutest little vintage boutique in Houston. 
I couldn’t wear just anything to the party, which is why I chose this vintage red party dress.
I’m also giving my favorite tips on how anyone can wear vintage today.  

I did a bit of research and found out that this dress was actually a 1960s party dress designed by US designer Edith Small. 
Edith Small had a clothing house in Los Angeles where she created feminine gowns and suits with French and Italian imports.  
My absolute favorite thing about this dress!?

They layers and layers of tulle & crinoline! You can definitely “hear” this dress when I walk around in it.

So three tips on how to rock a vintage gown today? 
Here you go! 
1. Confidence 
Many vintage pieces come in bold silhouettes and even bolder prints. You’re probably going to get looked at, which is technically the point, right? (I certainly received several honks from onlookers when shooting this dress, ha!) 
If you’re confident in yourself and your style, then your confidence will exude outwardly and others will pick up on it. 
2. Modernize It 
I mixed up my look with 21st-century heels and a 21st-century hairdo. (The on-trend beachy waves & middle part is my go-to!)
By having contemporary hair and makeup, it keeps your outfit from looking like you’re wearing a costume. 
3. Mixing Eras

This particular outfit is pretty much head to vintage. But because I accessorized it with pieces from different eras, it doesn’t stand out as being from one particular time period. 
The night before the party at Cheeky Vintage, I watched the documentary Iris about fashion icon Iris Apfel. 
I was so inspired by the way she accessorized her outfits, (all of those chunky bracelets!!) that I simply had to do something similar with this stunning dress the next morning. 
These two vintage bangles did the trick.  

And a structured straw picnic basket and gold shell earrings helped too.

I realized a bit later how the shell earrings mimicked the “shell-like” cut of the fabric at my chest. Such a fun little coincidence!

If you’re hankering for a vintage inspired red party dress like mine, I’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet to find a few similar styles to share: 

It’s so fun to imagine the history and story behind this beautiful gown. I wonder who bought it back in the 60s so long ago? What type of event was she planning on attending? Did someone else wear it too? Where has it been all this time since!?I bet whoever did buy it “way back when” never dreamed it would be making its debut all over again in 2016!

I have a feeling this is one of those dresses that I’m going to hang on to forever & forever. I’ll definitely be wearing it again too! (How cute would it look with a denim vest!?!?. Answer: VERY!)

If you’re into vintage shopping too, what’s your favorite decade to shop? I’m definitely a 1950s/60s girl, but I’m just starting to enter the long flowy 1970s dress territory.  Cheeky Vintage sure has some beautiful ones I’m swooning over!!

Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll be sharing an inside look at the event I hosted at Cheeky not too long ago. So much vintage eye candy awaits you!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!
photos by lauren beatty

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  • This officially wins. I need more events in my life where I can dress like this.