The Ultimate Beach Party in Cozumel

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this cruise, sure a loooong while. But sometimes it just takes a long while to round up 1,000 of photos of the ocean. 🙂

I’m having vacation fever all over again on the blog today by sharing a look into our day in Cozumel, Mexico.  The six of us above spent our day off the boat on the most perfect of excursions imaginable for a laid back girls trip.

Because what could be better than giant inflatable water slides, trampolines, margaritas, and hammocks?

The first-time cruiser that I was, I sat on our balcony at the crack of dawn giddily awaiting our arrival to port.

It was fascinating to watch the ship dock while all of the poeple scurried around tying the Carnival Triumph into place.

Once off of the boat, we arrived at the port of Cozumel, where palm trees sand … and a catamaran boat awaited us.


Smiling big with the bride-to-be!

(Or actually just the bride now … since this long overdue post has been written, Nora’s been spending almost a month as a newlywed!)

We all hopped off one giant shop to board a much smaller ship, er… boat.

Soon after this photo was taken, margaritas were handed to us and Jimmy Buffet began to play on the loudspeaker.

It suddenly felt nothing like 9:30 am, and we were quite alright with that!

With Kesley & Tessa 🙂

The fun part about our excursion, other than the margaritas naturally, was that not only did we get a catamaran boat ride and a day at the beach out of it, but we also got to snorkel!

Snorkeling was another first for me this trip.

And the mermaid-obsessed-person inside of me was literally flipping out the entire time.

Speaking of mermaids, I still can’t get over the awesome-ness that is my mermaid bikini (above!) I don’t think a bathing suit will ever be able to top this one, as long as I live.

A bit of snorkeling in the books, and we were off again to our tropical beach paradise.

PS: I’m not going to lie, I’m writing this blog post while listening to Margaritaville. Take me baaaaaack!

fury catamaran, cozumel mexico, carnival cruises

The Fury Catamaran team dropped us off at the ultimate beach party.

100s of open lounge chairs just waiting for us!

But to be honest, we were much more interested in the inflatable games than actually lounging.

Hola from Mexico!

And cheers to Nora Bora getting (having gotten) married!

Also, this candid of my friend Kelsey and I had to be included, because it’s hysterical! Goodness knows what I had just asked her to illicit a response like that! 😛

PS: My swimsuit, hat & kimono are linked below!



We spent the remainder of our “ultimate beach party” relaxing in colorful hammocks while listening to the waves hit the beach.

Sad to go so soon, the tour team on our boat greeted us with even more margs and beachy tunes to cheer us up!

It was almost as if the weather could tell how sad we were all to leave the beach that afternoon.

As soon as we hit the water, the sky turned a murky gray and we crossed our fingers we’d make it back to the port without getting drenched.

Crossing our fingers certainly worked, we made it back before the sky fell open and took shelter at the Three Amigos.

And fun story: one of the waiters thought it was a good idea to balance FIVE glass margarita glasses on his head on the way to the table.  Yep, they all fell and broke. Glass was everywhere. Ole!

Our one day in Cozumel was absolutely wonderful! If you’re planning a cruise with a big group of girls, I highly highly recommend our excursion! To be honest, it took us about 3 months to narrow down the perfect one that all 5 of us would like. Once we stumbled across this one and saw that it included pretty much a piece of everything you’d want on a trip to Cozumel, we couldn’t resist!

It’s nuts living in Houston and SO incredibly close to the port in Galveston! Which is why I have a feeling this will certainly not be my first cruise out of Galveston. 😉 Who’s with me for another one!??!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope these pretty tropical pictures helped with the humpday funk! We’re halfway to the weekend, yall!