#rStheCon ~ Part 2

Day three of rewardsStyle the Conference was probably the busiest! From multiple classroom sessions to a luncheon, more brand meetings, and an all white evening soiree, there was little time for a break.

And what can I say, I loved it!

Today I’m sharing a peek into part 2 of my weekend away in Dallas. Sharing all of the above, plus a garden party with Joe Fresh and one of my favorite Anthro outfits for spring!

Friday evening, Joe Fresh hosted the chicest of garden parties for rewardStyle attendees out on the lawn across the street from The Joule.

I had so much fun getting to know these sweet ladies above – all of whom are from Dallas! I guess we Texas bloggers like to stick together?

The iconic EYE kept watch on all of the attendees while we sipped our lavender almond cocktails, basked in the scents of the REAL floral decor and took a moment or two to participate in some of the best people (outfit) watching that there ever was.



I stuck with the Garden Party theme and wore a floral lace color blocked mini dress from Cynthia Rowley.

Day 3 kicked off with breakfast in bed. Yogurt, granola, berries & honey (along with my own pot of coffee) made for such a treat! It’s not very often that I do actually have breakfast in bed. Most of the time it’s evening “snack” in bed while watching a Jane Austen movie … so this was a treat!

Oh wait, and as I typed this I just realized I was watching “Becoming Jane” while getting ready this morning. Not surprised!

My outfit for a day of workshops and meetings consisted of blue on blue ( my favorite!) with a side of taupe.

This Anthropologie skirt (now on sale) and off-the-shoulder top made for one of my favorite spring looks!

I paired a matching fringe clutch with comfy cutout heels and statement earrings from Kendra Scott.

A little more rose gold bling for good measure.

Shop the Look:



And because we were downtown in a big city, I couldn’t not try one of those “walking across the street stereotypical blogger shots” now could I?

I pretty much laughed the entire time because I felt so silly, so ta da, above is what we came up with! Thanks again to Megan for such great photos! She was fabulous to shoot with!

Soon it was time for a quick bike ride.

And by quick I mean 4 feet. Biking in heels is a no no!

Then classroom session.

The Mobile Photography Session with @Yummertime basically changed my life. Who knew that there were so many free photo editing apps out there?! Now I feel like a photo editing genius. Even if all I really use is the brightening tool. If you guys aren’t using Snapseed, you gotta check it out!

Lunch was served in the same courtyard as the garden party the night before. LuisiaViaRoma put on the chic-est of al fresco lunches with individual quirky boxed lunches for everyone in attendance.

There were so many little surprises to be found when I opened my box!

Can you imagine if your school boxed lunches could have been this fancy?

I had so much fun chit-chatting over lunch with Destiny! It was wonderful being able to connect with local Houston bloggers while I was there too!

After our afternoon sessions, we had a wee bit of down time before the finale party.

So I ordered pizza & salad to my hotel room from The Joule’s downstairs Italian joint, Americano!

It was absolutely GLORIOUS! And kind of comical how fitting my MISSGUIDED sweatshirt fell into play.

The finale of the entire conference was one big party en blanc. Aka we all wore white! I put on one of my favorite fringe shift dresses and gave myself a milkmaid braid updo.

Thank goodness for the photobooth above, or I might not have even had a photo to share of my look! Bad blogger!

It was probably because I was too distracted by all of the DANCING!

And the flash mob dance.

Which was pretty unbelievable.

All in all, I am so so glad that I had the opportunity to attend rewardStyle the conference this year! It was one of those blogger bucket list type things that I wasn’t expecting to be able to do so early on.

I met so many amazing go-getting women from across the country! So people think all we do is take photos of ourselves all day and post them on the internet. There is so so so much more that goes into blogging and it truly takes a dedicated soul to be the type to stay on top of it all. Now when I scroll through my Insta, I pass real friends’ pages instead of bloggers whom I admire from all over the place! Meeting these women in person was such a treat and I can’t wait to connect with them all again! Hopefully soon!

Thanks again for stopping by the blog! I have so much fun sharing not only outfits with you all, but various adventures (such as this one) as well! Hoping to incorporate more of this type of thing on here soon!

Thanks again to Megan Weaver for the outfit photos!